Buyers Requesting Cancellations = STRESSED OUT


I am actually about to lose my mind right now.

My cancellations are primarily because the buyer, ordered the wrong thing OR has some other issue. I’ve had a few lately – and as a result – my stress level is through the roof now, because of these new level requirements.

Today I was interacting with a buyer, who needed to shorten her ad to fit the platform I advertise on, when she suddenly said she needed to cancel - in the middle of revising her ad. She said it was because the site, I was going to advertise for her – was accusing her of “fake traffic.”

I asked her is she bought bogus traffic- she said “Yes, unfortunately”…

I asked her if there was anything else I could advertise, as cancelling would affect me badly (HEY they need to know this, based on this new system - don’t BUY - and cancel nonchalantly… because the seller IS affected negatively.)

She then asked, how could HER cancelling affect me badly - thinking it didn’t make any sense… as it wasn’t MY fault.

Here lies the problem. Buyers don’t understand the ramifications - affecting the seller, involved - when they cancel… and they don’t “get it” because they don’t think their initiating a cancellation should affect the seller… and it shouldn’t.

In this case the buyer bought a BOGUS service from another seller, that affected me badly. How is that fair?

It actually makes ZERO sense for a seller to be penalized because of a buyer ordering the wrong thing, or for whatever other reason THEY choose to cancel. We should be judged on what WE do, or don’t do – based on what WE have control over… we can’t control a buyer’s actions.

She promised to come back, and was apologetic – which was sweet, but that doesn’t nullify the negative affect of the cancellation on ME.

It’s just super annoying to me.


I relate completely. I just dealt with a frustrating cancellation situation that was deemed to be the buyer’s fault by CS, but my rate still went down 3%. With the new level system, these issues make me nervous.

I joined 3 years ago and immediately caught the whiff of Fiverr’s extreme pro-buyer culture. That’s great that they accommodate for buyers so well, as it is a marketplace, but it concentrates all the accountability, no matter whose fault, on the seller’s side in just about every situation. Especially with duplicate/mistake orders, there is no reason why these cancellations should affect sellers’ stats.

I’ve already seen several posts today about cancellation and ratings potentially dropping sellers down a level for things that are beyond their control. Fiverr needs to reevaluate their system here and make sure sellers do not suffer for buyers’ mistakes.

Sometimes it feels like things are crumbling to pieces when you get a lot of cancellations or mods-- don’t panic! Your sales will recover and you’ll have smoother orders soon. I think after this month’s level evaluation, Fiverr is going to get a lot of complaints and eventually review their cancellation system. crosses fingers


Am sorry this happened to you, but that how it happens. It either a buyer ordering wrongly or other reasons.
You just have to move on.


I couldn’t agree with you more!

In many cases buyers aren’t aware that their mistake actually hurts the seller’s reputation and visibility on this platform!

I wholeheartedly believe a buyers mistake shouldn’t effect any stats whatsoever!


I completely agree with you here.

There is no reason for her needing to cancel to affect you, but the way Fiverr has set the system up, that’s exactly what it does. And, this doesn’t make sense. All it does is penalize good sellers while it weeds out the terrible ones.

It’s like the old saying, “One bad apple spoils the bunch.”


You have the option of refusing to cancel. If you have delivered what was asked, then you are well within your rights. The downside here is that it can affect your rating, so isn’t a ‘get out of jail free’ card, but will help when you have built up a feedback profile. The odd bad rating because the buyer messed you around won’t affect you too much.


Why should they care? It is not their problem, it’s the seller’s problem. I wouldn’t even mention to them it affects sellers badly when they cancel.
What are they supposed to do, change their mind and not cancel out of pity?


The FAQ in the revamped Help Center literally say

Mutual Cancellations: This is one way to resolve an order that both parties can’t agree on. If one side requests and the other accepts within 24 hours, it does not impact the seller’s ratings.If a Buyer doesn’t respond within 2 days of a seller initiating a Mutual Cancellation, the Gig is automatically canceled.

I don’t have an idea about why the response time is the relevant factor there and not the cancellation reason which would make more sense, but anyway that’s what’s written there, “does not”, not can or could or whatever it says in some other place, but “does not”. :woman_shrugging:


I hate this. I hate the fact that I need to think twice before canceling an order. I have a client ordering a $5 gig which needed to be $15. When I told him that, he just ordered another $5 gig for another job. Now I will need to either cancel both orders or just go with it and do more work for a lower price on two orders.


Yeah. I can see the scenario.

Buyer: Ordered by mistake/didn’t read the description, please cancel.
Seller: Cancels, completion rate drops below 90%, loses level, if it stays there or more “mistakes” happen.



I feel your pain. The new level evaluation process is just plain dumb. It is penalizing the sellers for what is 99% of the time the buyers mistake. In my opinion Fiverr has become to buyer centric with their policies for my taste and I have taken the majority of my business elsewhere. I will still complete the orders that I receive however, I no longer promote my gigs outside of Fiverr (social media platforms, ads, etc). I now set up my own sites for my services, run ads, can charge more, and have less headaches from my customers.

The stats on the platform aren’t correct most of the time anyway and Fiverr is aware of this. Also, buyers will cause these cancellations by not reading the sellers gig description and ordering incorrectly, and most of the time when you send an offer for the correct price, they request to cancel the order. Now, our stats are affected by this and can cause us to be dropped a level? This is completely illogical.

The repercussions of this new evaluation system are going to cause major issues across the entire site. Why? Because we as sellers are now being strong armed by Fiverr into giving away free services to buyers who don’t order correctly. If we don’t, we face the issue of our stats being lowered by the cancellation and possibly dropped a level at the next evaluation. (which affects search results, traffic to your gig, orders, etc) Once buyers catch on to this. They will run with it, as this is enabling them to feel entitled to free services in which they WILL take advantage of.

Fiverr needs to go back to the drawing board on this one.

I could keep on going and going with the issues the system will cause but I am out of time for now.


Some actually do do this.


Maybe … I had one buyer who was going to cancel, then come back and order the next week - I told her that all cancellations affect the seller badly - and rather than affecting me negatively - she gave me a different ad to post.

Most people don’t want to impact someone in a bad way, if they can avoid it.

My goal is to retain the sale, if I can.


Yet this was a reply I got from CS regarding cancellations, including mutual cancellations.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Exactly - someone else’s mistake at that.


Yeah, I know, got something like the upper part too when I inquired about two cancellations I got because the system didn´t react so a buyer ordered 3x the same gig and got CS to cancel 2 of those. :wink: They should honour their writings, or change them when the rules change. Still hoping for some internal rating that factors in cancellation reasons here until proven otherwise, actually.


What’s the drawback exactly if one loses levels? Is it just you can’t have more than 2 gig extras and perhaps lower basic gig quantity for buyers?

That would mean all gig extras are removed, and you’ll have to edit your gigs and add 2 extras that are the most important to your buyers. And editing a gig is a very bad idea, as your gig might not be indexed after that anymore. A lot of people have lately been complaining about their gig disappearing for a very long time after editing it. :grimacing: Mine too disappeared for a few months after editing it, and a friend’s was gone for over a year!


Right, that’s and huge problem – and why I do what I can to not to lose the order lol… :grimacing::neutral_face:

No shame in my game whatsoever! :sunglasses: If a buyer cancelling – because they were careless, and ordered the wrong thing – affects me badly… HECK YES, I’m going to let them know that, and try to work something out… because they don’t KNOW that it affects sellers badly, as I mentioned above - so they don’t think about it. Most people don’t want to harm someone in some way, if they can avoid it. So… why wouldn’t I try and work something out?

That’s happened to me as well, after editing. I want to up my prices on most of my gigs, but can’t afford to right now lol… Have to do it slowly, I guess.


Yeah, I have a lots of new ideas for my gigs too that would involve editing it. Just can’t afford the risk, so have to settle with old things. :disappointed:


Why are you agreeing to accept cancellation requests if you have done the work?

Sorry, but you are digging your own grave here. When a buyer requests that you cancel their order, say no. If you don’t the same people are going to keep on coming back and doing the same thing (likely with different accounts).

Just stop saying yes. It’s simple.