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Buyers requesting I do work not related to my Gig

I am having a reoccurring issue with some buyers. My gig specifically and VERY clearly states that I will post travel-related guest posts with proper english and grammar to my travel blog. I have had THREE buyers this week order my gig and deliver guest posts that have absolutely nothing to do with travel and are littered with tons of spelling and grammar errors. My blog is an extension of myself and I keep it looking professional so posts with errors or topics related to anything but travel are not acceptable to me. When I received these gig requests, I politely messaged the buyer and told them that I would not be able to post their gig because they did not follow instructions and than I requested cancellation of the gig. The biggest problem with all of this is the buyer gives me a bad rating and accuses me of failing to deliver their gig!!! On what planet does this make sense??? I made it clear what my gig is and I have a right to refuse to post garbage on my personal blog. They are the ones not following instructions and than they come back and ruin my reputation on the site! Anyone else having this issue and if so, what can be done to stop this from happening??

I’d leave a little (well actually, big) disclaimer at the bottom of your gig explicitly stating (in capitals, if needed), that you will ONLY publish posts that; A) are free from errors, and B) are closely related to the blog itself.

It might put off a few people who are ‘trying their luck’. :slight_smile: