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Buyers requesting revisions after the order is marked as complete

I had an order on the 7th, which I completed the same day. The buyer was then inactive until the 12th, at which point the order had been marked as complete automatically.

The buyer then messages me asking for a revision on the 12th. As they had not yet reviewed the order, I felt obligated to give them a revision to hopefully save myself from a 1* review. They have yet to review the order. I find it incredibly ridiculous that a buyer can get away with doing this - it is my understanding that CS would side with them and request that I fulfil my gigs promises of doing 2 revisions for free. This buyer had three days to look at the order and decide if they wanted a revision or not, and they didn’t.

I imagine many of you have been in a similar situation. My question is this: Would you have given this buyer a revision, or would you have refused?


Hi mhallvoice,

Trust is this has happened with every seller on Fiverr and no matter how good you are or if you are a top rated seller, this is bound to happen with some clients. If there are good, pleasant clients, then there are such client too who can be unreasonable sometimes.

So, you don’t have to think too much about this. Without buyers, no seller can sustain and this whole system of Fiverr will cripple. So, give them revision and keep your spirits high. Move on. I am sure in coming weeks you will forget about all this.


It depends on the revision. A minor, done in 5-minutes revision, yes. A comprehensive revision, no. It is also important to distinguish between a revision and changes which need to be made because a buyer needs new information or details added to a project.

In most cases, I provide revisions within a week or so of an order being delivered. Anything longer, I usually say “no” and simply state that I do not keep project source files indefinitely. In this case, asking for a revision would mean completely redoing an order over.

Sadly, you do get some buyers who think that Fiverr is some kind of magical place where they can have unlimited lifetime revisions on work produced. I’ve had buyers come back almost a year after creating a video or article, and ask that I revise what was originally delivered. I say no every time, as that is just ridiculous.

What you can do, is explain to buyers why you can’t offer a free revision. Simply tell them that you are obligated by Fiverr to offer revisions up to 3-days after you deliver work. After 10-days (or how ever many apply) you delete project files, as you can’t keep these indefinitely. 99% o the time, buyers will understand. When they don’t, it is likely that they might attempt to cancel an order even if you do revise work, just because they have that kind of mentality.


I would say that since the order is complete no revisions can be done and if they want to leave a 1 star review so what. I don’t think you need to feel you should cater to someone who can’t manage to review what you send within three days.

It depends on the revision. A minor, done in 5-minutes revision, yes. A comprehensive revision, no. It is also important to distinguish between a revision and changes which need to be made because a buyer needs new information or details added to a project.

An important distinction! I would do the same. Sometimes people have little details that change, like a date or something. I would definitely make such changes for a client because I know that I would appreciate that as a buyer, plus it would make me remember the seller and inclined to purchase their services again. But, as you say, this is much different from comprehensive revisions. Personally, I think a lot of buyers just do that because they are on a power trip and want to feel like someone is serving them.


I’m not sure exactly what it would do to my overall gig rating, but with less than 20 reviews right now I’d rather not take the risk of a 1* review. If I had a couple hundred reviews, then it likely wouldn’t bother me at all.


You would go as low as 4.7 (4.687)

Yes, that’s the problem when having low amount of reviews, there are not enough to compensate for a bad review.


I agree that with so few reviews you are at the mercy of buyers.


I make it clear in my revision policy that the buyer has 7 days after final delivery to make any revision requests. If the 7 days pass and they ask for a revision, I remind them of what my revision policy says and refuse to make any revisions.

Moral of the story: If you don’t want to work for free, make a revision policy and stick to it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Seems to me Fiverr prefers the buyers no matter what. I had a guy request to cancel the gig after it was complete. His writing was awful, I corrected it well and did a good job. I declined the cancellation since the gig was complete. Fiverr cancelled it! I think this is extremely irresponsible on Fiverr’s part because this guy actually lied to them and they took his word for it. The dude got himself some high-quality FREE editing out of the deal. I wonder how many other liars get away with this sort of stuff. Unreal to me that Fiverr would side with them with no evidence that what he said was true. I’m transitioning out of Fiverr, but the process has been slow. I guess I’ll step up my game so I can stop giving them 20% of my hard-earned money (even tips) and stop being forced to do free work for people.

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This is the fact!!
Anyone that says otherwise is being economical with the truth.

If the revision is very easy to do, then you can do it. But if the revision requires more work then send a custom offer and explain the situation :wink:

I don’t see why are you so pissed off.

You are offering 2 revisions on your gig so why is it such a problem for you to deliver what’s offered in your gig description even if it’s marked as a complete.

I have 2 revisions included and if person missed the deadline I still make 2 revisions (that they actually paid for). And if they contact fiverr support they might cancel the order because you didn’t deliver according to your gig description. :woman_shrugging:

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I wasn’t that pissed off - just a bit irritated. My post isn’t worded in the best way. It’s an issue because they had their time to request a revision, and didn’t - to me, the order is finished. But as I said, I wasn’t THAT pissed off, so it isn’t a huge deal. I just wanted to know what other peoples opinions on the situation was.

There’s no reason for them to contact Fiverr support - I mention in the post that I did do the requested revision.

FYI - Fiverr does listen. In my case, I had a client request to cancel after I’d done the work; after the gig was complete. I declined the cancellation, but Fiverr cancelled it anyway. I reached out to them and told them I did the work already and should be paid for it. I attached a copy of the document I had edited for this client and Fiverr reviewed it, but didn’t undo the cancellation. I replied back and explained to them, in a normal, non-confrontational way, that it’s wrong for my rating to suffer since I did the work and it’s also wrong that the client got free work since his money was refunded to him. After that communication, Fiverr looked at the situation again and told me I was right…they reinstated my money to me, then told me this cancellation will not count against my rating in any way. Sometimes you have to push a little more…I opted to send that second reply and it made all the difference.

I was also assured they are looking into creating “accept” and “reject” buttons for sellers so we can reject gigs that are purchased without prior communication and include things outside the gig’s offerings.


Well for me as a business plan writer, I will grant the revision after the order is marked complete. If the buyer rated my service, he gets future revisions FREE and if the revision request is a bit complex I will politely ask for the buyer’s budget whatever amount the buyer offers, I will immediately send a custom offer to that effect and get the revision done immediately.

Also, I think CS are actually trying their best balancing both buyer and seller satisfaction levels. I had a scam buyer once requesting for his money and threatening a chargeback after the order was marked complete. This buyer left me my one and only 1 star review after over 100 5 star reviews. The buyer reported to CS and I explained to CS that this buyer is a fraud I sent him a masterpiece business plan and pitch deck, he had 3 days to leave a comment or request for revisions of which he never did. Fiverr assured me that the buyers request for a refund is not possible and its over 8 month and I haven’t heard from the client anymore. I love Fiverr for this and much more. On my profile that is the only 1 star review I have received after over 150 projects that all rated 5 stars on average.

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I still have a guy who’s coming to me with revisions MONTHS later (I wrote a fiction book for him and he’s since had it beta read) and it’s driving me up the wall. Other clients have “new ideas” even after the work’s done and I have to add or change things in old orders that were completed weeks ago. Sometimes we have to bend to the will of buyers even when they’re being ridiculous. Depends on whether you want to risk the bad review or losing your money :frowning: