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Buyers requesting revisions months later - what do you do?

Just curious about how everyone handles this! The question came to mind today after someone tried to ask me for a revision almost 4 months after I completed the delivery.

When I first started working on Fiverr, I was super lenient with revisions - giving people many more than the 1 that comes with my order, and agreeing to make changes months later. Over time, I came to realise that to be honest, people were abusing this feature, as I make it very clear what is included in their order via my FAQ and gig description etc.

Now I’ll deliver revision n1, and usually a second if they ask, but upon delivering the 2nd revision I’ll make it clear that they’ll need to purchase any more they request as I’ve already included an extra one for free. (One client purchased one revision for $5 and thought this meant I would give her unlimited revisions, even though it specifies it’s for one, and I don’t offer ANY unlimited revisions, ever!)

However, when people ask for revisions months later, most of the time I tell them they’ll need to create a new order, unless it’s a client I have a very good relationship with who orders from me quite frequently. What about you guys?


When it is a small thing I used to do for free. But when the custumer realize that you did it for free, they abuse and come back asking for another change, this time a bigger change, hoping that you will do it for free again. Based in this experience, no matter if is a small or a big change, you need to charge for it.

If you have a good client he will ask for change and will ask you about the cost… bad client just will try to get it for free. And i ask you:

Why you will waste your time doing it for free, if your others clients that payed you are waiting for your delivery?

Of course this is my thought, i will dedicate my time to clients that pay… and you know sometimes we are so busy with so many projects, how we could waste time in free changes.

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Same :slightly_smiling_face:

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When clients ask for revisions months later, I say I no longer have the project’s file available, so it can’t be done. It’s usually true anyway.

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