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Buyers requesting something that is NOT my gig?

Hello, I am new here to Fiverr and am still trying to find my way around. My question is, I have had “buyers”, or people who ask me if I will do something COMPLETELY different than what my gig is about. In my gig, I have a video showing what my gig would be like, but people are contacting me to Do something entirely different than my gig, like blow up balloons until they pop. Is this normal?

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Perhaps you need to be more specific with your gig descriptions etc.?

When you offer gigs which are slightly ‘beyond the norm’ like yours are, it is pretty much normal, yes.

Saying that, I had to read your ‘I Will Write And Send A Ransom Note For You’ etc. more than once to make sure my eyes weren’t actually deceiving me! :wink:

Your other gig ‘I Will Tell Your Friends And Family That You Need To Fix That’ - covers pretty much everything in the world that any slightly dodgy characters could ask for - you might want to fix that.

Added - ‘telling the truth through humor’ - is that the same as hurting a total stranger’s feelings and getting paid for it?

I think the whole point of my “fix that” gig is not to hurt a persons feelings, but to make them aware of something they could improve or fix. Yes, it’s an awkward message but this is to hopefully help take away the awkwardness of telling someone something like that, with a little bit of humor. Don’t you hate when you get home and look in the mirror and find broccoli in your teeth and think, “ darn, I went all night with that, why didn’t someone tell me?” Because they didn’t want to embarrass you to your face maybe? So my gig is to help bridge that gap between telling something awkward and NOT hurting or embarrassing them face to face. :blush:Having said all that, as a newbie, should I accept these “buyers requests” even if they have nothing to do with my gig?

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Of course you don’t need to if you don’t want to! :slightly_smiling_face:

Problem is, if they actually order from you, even if it’s nothing to do with your gig and you have to cancel, then every cancellation counts against you as a seller.

That’s why spelling out in your description etc. exactly what you will and won’t do is really important.

Good luck! :sunny:

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Ok thank you ! :pray:t2:I will be more specific!

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