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Buyers Requests And The Big Guessing Game

Since a while now, I keep an eye on the buyers requests section and most of the time, about 80% I would roughly estimate, those requests are quite generic, not specific at all to the extent where it would be impossible to provide a professional estimate and also, quite often the scope is simply unclear.

Just two of many examples:

It would be nice to be able to submit a question before sending an offer or to make it mandatory to upload a sample or reference file. When it comes to music, the final production length & genre are two very important factors which determine the scope. Right now as is, it may be a challenge for the buyer to receive an appropriate offer from someone who may or may not be able to actually deliver what is expected and for the seller there is a risk to be stuck with an order that is doomed to be cancelled or poorly estimated. I can only look at the requests within Composers & Producers, but this issue goes probably across many other categories as well. Any chance to look into this?

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Vague requests are annoying as hell.

In the VO category for example. It should be mandatory for requesters to include the actual word count, details of the project etc. Many don’t list the word count; saying “I need a voice over” without providing specific details is a waste of time. I mean, if their budget consists of $10 the tricky thing about is the VO could be for a 10K word script LOL. :grimacing: The safest bet is to avoid those request, or I’d submit a large quote and then citing in order to provide an accurate quote; they can message me with the specifics.

The BR definitely needs a makeover. I know that’s an understatement. When will this happen? Maybe when “When :pig: fly”.


That’s what I keep doing, it is unfortunate, some of them may have been some interesting projects. Most of us with just a few reviews, cannot afford to take a risk - yet, for newbies it is in theory a very good place to start :smirk:

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I do know Staff read these suggestions. Fiverr :heart: hearing about how they can improve the website. Implementing them is always up in the air tho. :smiley:

On that note: My fingers are crossed.

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