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Buyers requests budget question

Hi guys, i was wondering how much money should we offer in the buyers requests. The exact amounts that they have offered or more/less?
And are those offered amounds the money that we actually get (are the fiverr fees included)?

My account is in € but i need to offer the requests in $ and sometimes idk if am asking too much. For example if the user is expecting 10 and i ask for €10 thats more from his offered budget because the <€. Should i offer lower amounts? I dont want to work for nothing and my offer to look cheap and without quality…

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Usually offer <= the budget amount. It depends on the request. If you think they’re asking too much work for the budget specified you could make an offer for higher than it.

It depends what is written in the request/how it is written. The higher the budget they put, the more you could maybe put a lower offer. It might depend on how easily (how much work is involved) you could do what they are asking, etc. But some buyers might think too low an offer is not serious.

Another issue is you can’t (shouldn’t) create an offer for a higher price than your gig price if you’re not offering more things in the offer than they’d get in your gig by buying it directly.

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My advice:

  • If the buyer’s amount is ridiculously low, don’t bid. They aren’t serious and will treat you like garbage. It won’t be worth your time. Good chance they’re cancel on you.

  • If the price point is reasonable, then charge them what you think it’s worth. If it should be a bit more, charge that and explain it. If it’s slightly less, then charge that.

As a buyer, I find it disingenuous when sellers bid the exact amount. What are the chances? When I click on the gig, almost all of them are charging up to $60 LESS.

Why would I pay $60 more when I can order straight from their gig page. I find that to be dishonest.

Before someone says, maybe its because I’m asking more than their gig, I’m not. “I need a 500 word article on xyz.” Pretty straight forward.

Whatever you charge is what you get. Example, if you charge $100:

Buyer pays: $100 + $5 (processing) = $105.
Seller gets: $100 - $20 (seller fee) = $80.
Fiver gets: $5 (processing) + $20 (seller fee) = $25.

You have to convert if you don’t use U.S. currency.