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Buyers Requests budget

Hi there
I have a question about buyers’ requests and their budget; as a seller I’d like to have a discussion with you about it. I see many interesting requests but, in many cases, they ask for high quality works offering 5, 10, 15 $… I’m quite professional in music, and many times I spend several hours working on my customers’ orders.
I can’t believe that someone thinks to get a work, for which in everyday life I can ask about 150-200 $, offering 5 or 20 $ and demand to have the same professional high quality; or that someone asks for a complete song with lyrics, music and full rights for 20 $ or less.
So, my question is: how you face these situations? For example, do you use the same plugins and spend the same time of a some hundred dollars work if you have to mix, master or compose a song for 20 $ or less? Or, for those who don’t work with music, do you use the same tools and materials of a some hundred dollars work if a buyer asks you a high quality work for 20 $ or less?
I don’t always know how to behave.
Thank you :slight_smile:


People have unrealistic expectations because they don’t know what to expect. They don’t know what anything should cost, so when they see a website full of cheap work, they say “hey, why not?” They won’t know the difference between “high quality” and “low quality” until they experience it.


On this platform it doesn’t really matter how many years you’ve studied something or what kind of degree you have. If you can prove to buyers that your service is worth $150 then they will pay $150. If you can’t prove it then they don’t really care about your background.

Don’t worry about $5 job requests. They are probably looking for different sellers and a different level of quality.
I see 40-50 requests a day and maybe 1 out of 100 is worth bidding. It doesn’t mean those buyers won’t find a seller. It’s just that they are not my target audience.


In a word the price should be relevant

Even a $5 buyer request will hire $100 seller

You’re right. Most of them don’t understand that we work also several hours for deliver those works in time to them.
But I can’t believe that some sellers accept to, I don’t know, compose a song, mixing, mastering it, with commercial use included for 10 or 20 $ (I saw some requests similar to this example).

I’m sorry, I don’t understand well your comment.

Are you saying that a seller should depreciate himself and accept a 5 $ work even if that work requires several hours to be done and usually he would do a work like that for, I don’t know… 100 $?

Thank you, I’m working in the same way. I found also some buyers on Fiverr with which working is really cool. But I can’t believe that a musician or an artist can depreciate himself at the point to accept a work that requires several hours of work for 5 $ D:

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And because of those sellers that agree to work so much for so little, buyers still expect everyone to be like that. So, I’m glad Fiverr is encouraging people to charge more. Everyone should get paid more than $4 for their time and work.


Some sellers start low to get a few reviews and gradually raise their price once they’ve built up their reputation here. Some on the other hand offer quality that is worth $5 and some do it as a hobby so they don’t care much about money.
There can be a ton of different reasons so I try not to worry too much about what others are doing :slight_smile:

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Yes, you’re right :slight_smile:
But once a buyer (not a customer of mine) send me a screenshot of the work that another seller was doing for him. The work was similar to what I offer in the gig, of mine, this buyer was referring to. He said me that this seller was offering a lot of services in his gig for a lower price than me.
This comparison made me a little bit angry because I have to put a medium price to offer a quite good service. I don’t know nobody that works for 1 $ / hour or less :smiley:
But someone seems not to understand this and it is frustrating.

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Thank you so much for pointing this out! I’m a new seller on Fiverr and I got around this! The key is, you have to contact your buyer for what they order. You see, I’m a new seller, and normally I would charge 130 dollars for animated videos I provide, but since I’m new and Fiverr is based on reputations, all my prices are at a half price discount. When I responding to buyer requests, someone wanted a video for 45 dollars. I quoted him for a very short video for 40 dollars, and then he contacted me. The price of my quote drew him in. Then I showed him a gig sample and quoted him 70 dollars for a normal length video, and he bought it within 30 seconds! This is how I got my first order as a 5rr newbie!
You have to find a way to draw your customers in to contact you, and then show them what you’re capable of when contacting them, because most buyers only look at the price, not at samples to see what caliber of quality they’ll be receiving.

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I agree and I hate this. Fiverr can be quote bad for people in America because for example, some people charge 10 dollars for an animated video, and if you calculate the work, that’s less than 1 dollar an hr. This destroys the marketplace for sellers who actually work hard and are trying to earn a decent pay from fiverr.

You can find sellers like this in every category, but I’m not worried about someone offering a full website design for $5. I just need to make sure I’m able to communicate the value I bring to their business. However, if a buyer’s only concern is price then I don’t even try to convince them because they aren’t my target audience.

If there’s a small price difference then I can explain why my service is priced higher, but if it’s like $5 vs $800 then I don’t even bother.


So much anger and resentment. fiverr is an international platform, allowing those with different trade rates from other countries compete in other marketplaces. $5 in america has a lot of trade value elsewhere. last i checked $400 dollars in the Philippines can pay someones bills for a whole month.