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Buyers requests could have a more robust search engine and filtering

Hello Fellows, I hope all of you are fine and safe

What do you think if buyers requests could have a more robust search engine and filtering where you could do things like:

  • Filter by number of Offers
  • Save searches
  • Get real-time notifications on buyers requests post
  • Match buyers requests to your gigs

Is this from a Buyer or a Seller perspective?

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Hello imagination7413, I mean form Seller perspective in order to close more deals :slight_smile:

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I don’t use the BRs as either a Seller or Buyer…

But I think (from what I see posted in the Forum) one thing that would really enhance the UX for both sides is if there was a way to actually “teach” both Sellers and Buyers how to use the system.

I also think that there should be two tiers of BRs.

One for Entry Level-type jobs.

These would be the projects that are (for the lack of another term) low-budget, anyone-can-make-an-offer-on jobs.

Then a second tier would offer more um, professional-oriented projects with higher budgets.

I think that would get around the need for a lot of filtering as long as Sellers and Buyers pay attention to where they post jobs/offers.

Just my two cents.


Hi there Losseink, I like the idea of having tiers, I think it could be specified in the same request at the time is being created, the great thing could be less segmentation and a robust search and filtering engine.

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Fiverr already has something like this in place, based on the offering seller’s level (once a threshhold has been reached, the BR disappears).

Could you elaborate on this one, please?

This could be somewhat nice, ONLY as long as there’s an opt-out option, otherwise it would probably drive me nuts.

This is already in place on the Category level (and I suspect is based on metadata), with a sorting option on the desktop version. From what I’ve seen, I think misplaced BRs are a result of the Buyer putting the request in the wrong category, but I could be wrong. I’ve never used BRs from the Buyer side.

Hello imagination7413

This is the view I get in my Buyer Requests page and I’m no able to filter or sort


I see this as a limitation than a feature :slight_smile, if you in your get set a sub-category you will only see Buyer Requests from that sub-category.

I can’t filter BR on the desktop but can on phone. Kinda useful.

As Mr Ink says the biggest issue with BR is the stunning mess that they are overall and as long as the overall quality is so low, no amount of pink paint will make them functional - like making zombies into good dinner guests.

Hitting L1 I still seem to get the same “characterful” (read totally dribbly insane howling zombie) BRs but they don’t disappear after a few minutes, they just lie there twitching. I apply to 4-8 a day but rarely any response and most that do still haven’t read the Gig, looked at my Portfolio (I know as they ask what they would have answered - way to make a good impression) and proceed to make demands whilst avoiding showing the actual job or any (sane) budget.

That and the known feature where the Buyer can add Attachments that don’t show for some/all Sellers, leaving us look silly when we ask for what they buyer thinks is there. That is a useful feature for all.



Desktop filter location.

I’m going to guess when you said “Save searches” you meant the option two items above what I circled? Honestly, I never see enough requests on screen to bother using the search.


Totally agree, I think that for both Buyers and Sellers there must radical improvements in this part of the system, it will only translates to a better experience.


:frowning: no, what I have tested and saw is that you can’t see all requests or search for them, there where you put the circle in red, you will only see sub-categories you had indicated in your gigs, this limits you to see more BR.

You can’t sort or filter.

OMG I did not notice that even after looking for it several times. Even took a few goes after seeing your image. Fiverr’s GUI people seem to be absolute masters of making things invisible in plain sight.



That’s intentional. Fiverr limits what lower level sellers can see. And I agree with Fiverr on that decision.

That IS the one of the definitions of ‘filter’.

How do I find the buyers request page? TIA

I think the filtering should firstly come from the sellers themselves.
I have posted many times Buyer request with very strict and clear specs, adding ‘if you do not have prior experience in this do not send an offer’. Still I get swamped with offers from people with portfolios that have nothing to do with the specs.

Sadly too many sellers are desperate.

Also sadly too many Buyers are starting to lay ground rules that are just plain offensive like if you don’t own all ten of these $299 VST ever made, you cannot apply to my $5 gig or I will report you and have a contract put on you. That is not able to be taken seriously by anyone.

Just be natural and make your gig attractive to Good Sellers and while the desperate will arrive, they will be pretty easy to spot against those who do good work.


There was recently another “Fiverr Site Suggestion” asking for a better sorting option/method on the Buyer side.

As a Buyer, do you think that would help some?

Reject, reject, reject, reject, reject, ‘star’ this to take a closer look at later, reject, reject, reject, reject, reject, reject…

Well all the time i saw some “request”… that are requirements to join to a company or something like that… (send your resume).

Others time we see request posted in wrong tags… and i don’t need mention the budget of the clients… like edit 100 pages for $5.

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@imagination7413 did you read my last messages about your questions?