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Buyers Requests DISAPPEARED


Hello there,

I am new to Fiverr and while figuring out how to use it I had some 2 buyers request for some photoshop work, but when I refreshed the page they were gone and now I am not getting any, the section is always empty. I am wondering if I missed to tag something on my gig or what is the reason this is happening? How did I get some requested as I opened my account and now they are empty?

Please help, feel like I’m spending hours trying to figure this out with no success!




Hope this helps


Thanks for your reply…

I am browsing around to find viable solutions, wondering if this si true:

“You need to have a minimum of 3 active gigs to see buyer requests.”


I had only one gig for long time, but I was able to see BR.


My gigs are on a very popular section thats the reason of my concern