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Buyers Requests Don't match with gigs

I’m selling my services as UI UX Designer and Graphic Designer.
I have gigs related to UI and UX and two more of photo editing.

I’m facing this problem, I have gigs of design related but I’m getting 99% buyers requests for development related.

checkout this image attached

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Though it’s not a bug in the case of that screenshot. The buyer has put their buyer request in that section (“Web & Mobile Design”) so it has shown it to you because you have a gig in that subcategory.

Though I agree it would help if there was better matching of requests to gigs somehow.

You can also choose to have it show requests for just one of your subcategories.


You are right, but mostly buyers do this putting their offers in wrong category.
My main gig is design related and I’m getting these requests in that specific gig.

I don’t know how I contact fiverr support, so I can inform this issue.

That’s why I posted this issue here.

If you wanted to contact support you can go to:

Though I’m not sure what they’ll do about people putting requests in wrong sections. Though I assume part of the request(s) might have been in the right section (like if they’re asking for both design and coding work in the same request)? Maybe they could change the way Fiverr checks them or change the way it matches requests to gigs like I mentioned.

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Thank you for your assistance, I’ll contact there.
Let’s see

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It’s not a bug, just buyers miscategorizing. Yet another reason I don’t care for BRs.

but isn’t it bad for people who are just starting?

No BRs are mostly exploitation. That’s what’s bad for sellers starting out – or anyone.

Starting out is hard if you’re superfluous. Most sellers who rely on BRs are selling superfluous gigs. So research your competition before you make a gig and make sure you aren’t superfluous.