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Buyers Requests email situation

Hi there. A Buyer has got in touch with me after I responded to their Buyer Request.

I notice that they want me to send a file (an audio file because it’s a Voice-over thing) to an email they have put in their message to me. But that’s against FIverr rules isn’t it for them to provide their email like that? Am I right?

It just makes me nervous that if they liked what I did they could just take what I did and disappear…

ukbritishvoice :thinking:

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All communication must take place inside fiverr - either inbox or order page.

Buyers often ask for off fiverr communication. Stay firm and refer them to TOS.

And,yes, scummy buyers do try to take advantage of new sellers …


Hello from English_Voice

You got the better username! Whatever you do don’t communicate with your buyer outside of Fiverr, and that includes using an email to send a voice file.

You either need to educate your buyer if you think they asked innocently, or make a decision whether or not to work with them, as they might be trouble.

If you continue to work with them, you can attach files as messages within Fiverr. I can’t actually remember what the file size limit is - but I know it’s very generous.

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Thanks. I will stay firm. It seems dodgy and could rebound on me.

Hi english_voice. Thanks re my name, I spent AGES choosing it. Yours is pretty good though!

I have bad feelings about this request. Especially because it’s a one word job. Literally one word. And you and I both know that in this situation what’s to stop the Buyer harvesting various versions of that word from various voice actors, sent to the email they have given, and then just disappearing off and using the version they like best - no payment given.

By the way do you find you get people buying from your Gig Page. ALL my sales (12 so far) are from Buyers Requests. NO-ONE buys from the Gig page. I find it weird and disheartening…

In case of buyer facing difficulties in downloading or anything, you can Just upload file to your dropbox and send that Dropbox link to buyer through fiverr !

But Only send this if you have active order, I am not sure if you have active order or not and if not why buyer is asking for file ? Is it more like sample ? if Yes he can go away with it anyway even if you shared this through fiverr !

Hi surajrenuka. There’s no active Order, they just want a sample. It’s too suspicious and I no longer trust this Buyer. Especially because it’s just one word they want. If it was a longer script then I could make a change or two which I would then correct if they booked me. But with one word, you can’t do that. Like I say, it’s too suspicious for two reasons. So I am out, and have told them that…


Yep too many warning signs. It’s not worth it.

I’d skip this, too. Even if they aren’t scamming and don’t know the rules – that’s a problem, too. You don’t want to work with someone who doesn’t read policy and doesn’t consider how his actions affect people.

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Hi humanissocial.
I wrote to them " Hi sorry but it’s against Fiverr rules to give your email like that. And that worries me. That might be an innocent mistake but it’s a one word job, and that’s even more worrying, because there would be nothing to stop you receiving different versions of that word from different voice actors to your email and then disappearing without payment. Can you see the problem? I think I have to leave this…"


The thing is, your buyer should know the rules on Fiverr.

If they want to risk an account warning or suspension, then that’s their lookout. But don’t let them coerce you into doing the same. Really, it’s not worth it.

It’s interesting you say that all your sales are from buyer requests. I’ve never actually replied to a buyer request - all my sales have come from people finding my gig. This is a part-time business for me, so I’m very happy to sit back and wait for sales.

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Well you seem to be doing very well english_voiceif you are just waiting. That’s not working for me: hence Buyers Requests. You seem to have stopped doing a Voice Gig from what I could see (I looked you up).

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Yes, I stopped offering voice services on Fiverr a few years ago now.

Although I sold a couple of hundred voice gigs I eventually got fed up with the number of revision requests. I had a few pain in the backside buyers in a row who couldn’t clearly express what they wanted, and I just thought life is too short! The good buyers were great to work with but a small handful of idiots spoilt it for me.

That’s why I now offer proofreading instead. There’s little disputing where an apostrophe should be placed or the correct use of an indefinite article!


It is! Good for you.

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It most certainly is! That’s why I get so wound up on the forum by people fighting for a $5 job that involves them being abused, working many hours or days in some cases, only for a rogue buyer to then eventually cancel the order.

I DO understand that some people are in dire circumstances and that $5 is better than nothing - I really do get that - but for me, it’s not even an option. I’m just not prepared to put up with abusive idiots. My approach is “pay me a fare rate and I will do a good job”.


For sure.

It’s particularly dangerous when you’re so desperate that you don’t even see abuse or you are okay with it.

I understand that a lot of people use Fiverr because they’re desperate for money. But that approach starts and perpetuates dangerous cycles of exploitation. And the more desperate you are the less willing you are to stop the cycle and recognize the abuse.

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I couldn’t agree with you more. But so many people on the forum don’t see this.

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