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Buyers Requests - Not a place to post YOUR GIG

This is a major Tip for Sellers, and I hope Fiverr catches this and takes a closer look at Buyer Gig requests. (Buyers requests are screened before being posted, so I’m wondering how sellers are getting on there.)

Active BUYERS requests are for BUYERS who need services and want offers sent to them.

"Per Fiverr: If buyers are having trouble finding what they’re looking for or have a special request, they can submit a Gig request. Gig requests matching the subject for a Gig you offer will appear on the Recent Buyer Requests page."

Everyday I submit offers to buyers and I find that every 5th “Buyers Request” is actually a Seller trying to promote their profile and gig. As a seller, I often want to find creative ways to promote my gig and stand out among the crowd. However, posting your gig in a completely inappropriate setting doesn’t build credibility and it’s unlikely buyers are going to go on there and look for a seller when they have 30+ offers coming straight to them.

If you want to promote you gig, there’s hundreds of ways to do so and Tips for Sellers has so many great resources to help you along the way.

That’s just my 2 cents for the day.

I agree. There are plenty of ways of promoting your gigs and I don’t understand why would someone be doing this in a place where mostly the sellers will see it.

Maybe someone could assume that sellers need projects done too but this is not fair to other fiverr “colleagues” especially since it is not allowed to do so.

I remember when I first saw someone promoting their gig there. I thought that it was okay, so I tried it. Since the request went on ‘pending’ and later on got denied, I can’t help but wonder how those requests do manage to appear there.

Hi Guys,
Appreciate these sentiments. Unfortunately, @designbybliss, the post you made is identical to the same type of post that gets placed in the Forum every few weeks. As annoying as the issue you’ve described is in the Buyers Requests, it also becomes a bit of clutter when Sellers take to the Forum to open discussions complaining about that issue. My recommendation would be to take a screenshot of the offender and forward it to Customer Support, rather than posting here.

Best wishes,

Reply to @david388: Thanks for the response - While I searched for “Buyer Requests” prior to starting this thread, not a lot came up regarding sellers practices in promoting their gig.

I’d be interested in seeing the threads that your referring to so I’m able to post on those rather than continue on this one.

They generally get closed by the Forum moderators after a certain point. That may be why

good observation

Reply to @zazadesign: Exactly! I don’t quite get the point of it considering mostly sellers are on there looking. There should be an option to Flag so if Fiverr misses it they can take it down after.

Reply to @designbybliss: I wonder though how they can miss it if, as you said, the requests are monitored.
I remember when I just started the fiverr life, I wanted to add a request for someone to promote my gigs because I had no idea how to do it and I was promptly responded that I am not allowed to do it. Therefore someone is really looking into these requests.

Maybe it is something we are missing, perhaps a more experienced fiverr user will shed some light on this matter.