Buyers Requests Not Appearing


I cannot see buyers requests need suggestions and help please

I cannot see buyer request can someone help me i need to see requests and send offer to buyers but when I check it has that you have no buyer requests


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You only have one gig for logo designs. The Buyer Requests that you get to see are those Buyers looking for logo design and there may not be any right now. If you make more gigs for other services you may see more Buyer Requests. Good luck.


Just keep refreshing. I have also only one logo design gig. Most of time there is no requests. But one minute later, after refreshing page, there can be 15 of them, then minute after that, nothing again. Its about luck with constantly refreshing page.


Thanks a lot :slight_smile: I will try to add more gigs and hope so that it will work :slight_smile:


ok i will try and hope so i will also get some work … Thank you for the help


Good luck. In my experience, most of requests are available between 6-12 PM European time


Just a quick note though that you could just send 10 offers in a day.


Hope you now see a lot of requests. Good Luck as you grow your business here on fiverr.