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Buyers Requests Offers, how many is too many


How does one know how many BR to send, since we don’t know when (or if) the buyer will respond?

Does a buyer have a time frame he needs to respond by? Would it not be nice if the buyer would be able to enter a time frame by which he would make his mind up - the latest?
This might be even up to 30 days, but one would know when to expect the latest, even if there would be no reply (in a situation where your gig would not be picked).

Imagine having a few gigs, and sending 45 offers by the end of the week. Now imagine if two thirds would reply with wanting you to proceed with the order.
How would that work?

Having a time frame on when the buyer could make up his mind the latest would help with arranging this in ones mind and probable schedule.

How do you guys go about this?


Just send personalised offers to those that you are capable of doing the job for. Ignore the number of offers, you don’t know what they are offering. When I have posted requests I was lucky if there was one actual seller who seemed like he had read the request, the rest were incompetent rubbish sellers.


You can make up your mind about how long your offer stands, you can write something like ‘As I need to plan my schedule and workload, this offer is valid for (3 days/one week from today/30 days/whatever).’


Question: I see that sending offers to buyer requests where there are already 30 offers from others will not increase that count - am I assuming right that any offer I send after those 30 existing offers will get lost in limbo? And that 30 is the max number of offers a buyer can receive?


I saw an order today with an offer count of 56. I’ve seen many more like this in the past. How often have you observed this?


I have literally never seen a buyer request with more than 30 existing offers… every time I’ve used the BR page, the max appears to always be 30 on most offers, old ones including

To some degree I’d understand why Fiverr would limit the max sent offers to 30 - I imagine myself as a buyer posting a request and getting 30 offers, and I’d definitely go crazy going through all of them, let alone more than that :stuck_out_tongue:


Perhaps it is category dependent, like the 5$ gig requirement.


Holy shmoly!

They have changed it! Up until yesterday, all buyer requests never displayed more than 30 offers… now I wanted to take a screenshot and saw it shows more than 30!

I guess Fiverr has updated the BR page on a per-category basis, with my category being slower…

Also, I can’t see all those tags below the requests, like “anything”, “for children” - what are those and why don’t I have them?

P.S. anyway, the fact that they’ve just changed my BR page today means Fiverr is working on the BR feature - maybe they prepare themselves to introduce some spam reporting functionality :smiley:

[edit: I saw that the older requests suffer from the max 30 display bug as can be seen in this shot: ]


They’ve denied every request from being published today. I had a perfectly legal request denied for being “against the ToS.” I just saw someone else with the same issue…


So that probably means they prevent new requests until they finish up some of the new functionality…




Well, I have gigs within 1 category’s 2 subcategories so;
Graphics & Design --> 3D&2D Models
Graphics & Design --> Illustration

Within both of these, there are sub-subcategories.
For example within the illustration category there are different types of drawings and styles one can order, and there are tags for these, to make it more visible and outstanding during first glance;
So there is illustration type: Anything, portraits, animals etc.
Then there is illustration style: Free style, Vector, For Children etc.