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Buyers Requests seem to be full of requests for Females

Has anyone in the voice over industry noticed this lately? I was wondering for a bit if I have some setting accidentally turned on or maybe one of my gigs was clicked in the wrong gender or something. But I would say 70-80% (just a guesstimated statistic) has been looking for females. I have specifically typed in “Male” in the search bar and limited it to the voice over industry requests but it still just seems to be all female. I guess I’m wondering if this is just something that comes in waves, or if there’s something I could do to better position myself in front of the people who need male voice overs?

Just a guess as I’m nothing to do with VO, but if you search for ‘male’ then you’re going to get results for female as well, because male is part of the word ‘female’? :sunny:


I was noticing the same thing! I’m a VO artist too and I also thought that I might have the Buyer Requests filtered wrong or something. Strange.

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Oh man, SLAP my own forehead. You’re right… I’m trying to think of ways to narrow in the search, but maybe there’s just a flair of need for female talents right now. There’s probably nothing I can do about it but I thought I’d check.

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I admit that I use female voiceover artist more than males.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that most GPS, Siri and other computer-generated voice is feminine. Somehow, people, in general, seem to expect that more often; whereas a sports announcer, people expect to hear a masculine voice.

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I guess it’s something that I’m possibly just now figuring out. I never seemed to see it slant one way or the other on other voice over websites or elsewhere in the industry. It’s interesting to see it here. Guess it’s time to work on my best female voice!