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Buyers Requests to Attract Jobs


I’ve heard that sending offers in Buyers Request section, will lead to more offers for jobs. How does this work. Could someone please explain like i’m 5, how sending offers to similar gigs will attract more work?

  1. Do not post in Buyer Requests as a seller - it’s very naughty!
  2. You can look at the genuine buyer requests (not the ones posted by stupid sellers) and respond to them with your offers. So for your, gig, you’ll be looking for folks who are looking for audio to be transcribed. You read their request, and message them, telling them how you can fulfill their request.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Well what happens if you’ve done that. Process of elimination and they choose whoever they like, even if seller doesnt match description?


Not sure what you mean?

Once you’ve approached a (genuine) buyer with your offer, the buyer can choose whoever they want, or nobody at all. As a seller, we have no way of seeing who the other sellers were who submitted offers to the same request.


Where did you hear that?




Youtube? Paste the link to that video here.



An excellent video - shows how to use buyers requests (from a seller’s point of view) correctly. :slight_smile:

What’s the problem?



I suppose the problem is that most of the buyers are, infact, sellers.


When used correctly by both buyers and sellers, buyers’ requests is an excellent asset for both.

But, yes, when used wrongly by sellers, it doesn’t work as it should.

Remember, you’ve only got one gig in one category, so you’ll see a limited selection of buyers’ requests.


So what’s the mentality behind this. Why do sellers post in Buyer Requests?

  • English language barrier?
  • Ignorance?
  • Reverse psychology?
  • Rorting a loophole in the system?


All of the above! :slight_smile:


This only works when there are actual buyers posting the request. I just checked and it’s like 90% sellers. The buyer requests section needs a major overhaul - until then it’s pretty useless.


Maybe I misunderstood your first question, maybe not. So to sum it up… The buyers request is for buyers looking for sellers. So a buyer posts a request to have a service delivered to them and then the seller will respond with an offer.(I will do what you have just requested for 5$ and deliver in 2 days). If you utilize the offers well you can get more jobs from the buyers BUT “the buyers request is not for sellers to advertise their services”


i dont know why i am not getting any seller for my gigs