Buyers Requests, totally Fail For a buyer


So I posted on buyer requests a few days ago about a bundle of SVG images ( for my whiteboard videos) and the offers I received were beyond something I imagined. I thought it will help me to find what I am looking for but instead I ended up deleting my post within 24 hours without getting what I wanted.
Okay this is very common if someone finds “SELLERS” requests in buyer requests but I think this is very strange if you find those SELLER’S requests in custom offers as well. Apart from the other sellers who were offering completely different of what I was asking, there were a bunch of idiots who were offering their services and sending custom offers. e.g : Hi hire me I will make logo for you etc.
Now I came to know after my first ever Request, Buyers requests is a total faiurel. Its completely synonymous with hell for a buyer.


It’s only failure on certain OVER-saturated categories.


May be you are right. But i used it yesterday as a buyer and it was a horrible experience.


And the funny thing was, the hundreds of offers I received, none was the actual thing I was asking about. I end up making my own through use of a software.


Well, I gave it a shot as well, and it was for a DJ intro video for YT.
Umm… the response was across the board with different nuances of people with canned responses.

A couple figured out my Seller ID and tried circumventing his “10 BR” a day by directly contacting me!! Of course I reported his lil bum.

But I took a step back from it as well. :thumbsdown:


You smarty pants! Why didn’t do that in the first place then… hmmm :thinking:


Yesss almost %50 of them contacted me through inbox. horrific day of my life.


because the images I wanted are 40K in number and I dont think its a doable figure.


I wasn’t aware that posted names were actually shown on the app, but if so, that’s kinda scary actually.

Only way to remain anonymous would be via NOT having a profile pic.


And you know what, @miiila just posted a new way to find out name of a buyer in the request section. Its a pretty nice tip by the way. :joy:


What do you mean? What WERE you wanting exactly?:open_mouth:


In whiteboard videos, we use library of images. I had them black and white (40K) and I wanted colored ones. And for that colored pack, I posted a request which got cancer and died :joy:
and now i colored the ones i needed the most through use of a software.


You wanted someone to color 40k images???
What was the turnaround time?


6 years. :joy: Joking. They are ready made available and people just buy them.