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Buyers requests


Ok gang, I have tried and tried and even got help from customer service with no luck on how I am able to post myself on a buyers request. I have 10 on my page that says I can “bid” on and the screen does pop up with the ad request and when I hit submit it appears that it is going thru BUT nothing else happens and it stays the same. Can someone help with this issue?


nope nothing zippo! It ALL appears as if things are going thru…the grey screen the swirling but then that is it…nothing shows you now have 9 offers…or the number by them doesn’t go up either.


Does anything show for “OFFERS SENT”? Click on that and you will see the status of any offers you made.


yes it does do all that…it APPEARS that it is working and gets grayed out, but my 10 stays at 10 and their numbers don’t change…I have tried the cache and cookies at least I hope I did…not sure where you go to clear it…Don’t have an differnet computer so option # 3 won’t help…I updated to internet explorer 11 so I may have to try google chrome…thanks for the support…! How do you do the cookies etc, thou?


Hey there,

When using the buyer request feature, you can click on the send button to send the buyer your related gig. This sends them a message/notification that you’re offering to work with them on their needs and they can decide to message you back or not. After clicking the send button, the pop-up box appears. Once this pop-up box is confirmed, it will disappear, but no confirmation will appear on screen.

If things aren’t working this way, you may want to try the following:

  1. Clear your browsers cache & cookies
  2. Try a different browser
  3. Try a different computer

    I hope this info helps in some way!