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Buyers´ requests

So I recently discovered the “buyers request” feature, and I sent an offer to somebody, do they have to accept the offer first or do I have to start working immediately?


If they satisfied about your proposal. They knock you to place an order.


I don’t know if it’s always been like this or I am just noticing but it’s amazing to me how little the budgets are for the range of work/task. I have to chuckle at some that want xyz for 5-10 bucks and then say must be a professional. Or another wanting their retail store named , it will compete with a big box retail store , and have 5 bucks to spend. That must be a heck of a store!! FIVERR services are getting so diluted and it’s probably more because of the saturation of gigs that price themselves so cheap. So when someone scopes out the gigs, thats where they base their buyer request budgets from. I guess the business model is working for FIVERR , power in numbers…get half the population of the entire world signed up,maybe could even start gigs at a buck and the seller can pocket eighty cents!!


If buyers like your proposal. Then buyers contact you


I don’t think you should be intimidated by how little money they offer for big projects, nevertheless worried. You pay peanuts, you get monkeys to work. My advice would be no to considerate such requests and just tell yourself that you are not bad enough to jump on a miserable request. Use Fiverr the way you consider it is right for you, send offers with what you think it’s fair and concentrate on learning more updated stuff while the the 5 bucks Fiverrs waste their time and effort working for peanuts.


Why would you start working immediately if they did not even reply? How would you do that? just relax, wait and keep sending offers.


:rofl: Buyer requests have proved to be helpful to me but, most of the buyers’ request demands are out of this world given their budget.

They want pros to be working on their project when their budget is $5.
How on earth can someone come up with such a request?

And some of the requests are even straight forward rude. Someone has to be high on weeds to send them an offer.

Either they are not aware of the amount of work the seller needs to put in or they aren’t serious about their own project.


Honestly even if I was high on weeds I still wouldnt :rofl: :crazy_face:


You will need to wait till they accept your offer. You will be notified if they accept your offer.


You are so right! This is why I only sent three buyer requests in my time on fiverr. Its pointless and underpriced, because the market is so saturated that sellers actually send there proposal for the cheapest price possible.


Definitely not. It’s simple. You only saw the requests and send your offer. If you start the work immediately and finished it. Where will you send your work to? How would send them the work. The answer is nowhere. So just wait till a buyer contacts you.

Wish you all the best!


After getting your offer from buyer request, Buyer will review that. If he get interest, He will knock you or if He Get Confidence on you, He will order directly. Then you will get notification. If buyer send you message, reply quickly and ensure them that you are expert in respected work. If you get order, you will be notified and have to start work. So send buyer request Very seriously with professional manner. It will increase chance of getting order. Best of luck.

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If they satisfied about your proposal.They contact you to place an order.

If buyers like your proposal then buyers contact you and buy your service

I also recently noticed the buyer request section. I’m surprised that there doesn’t seem to be ANY buyer requests. Let me be clear. I have gigs, and I can get to the buyer requests page, but there aren’t any. Is this to be expected? I guess I thought there would be dozens of hundreds of requests for things.

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This rear, after sending buyer request they accept it, Maximum reply to you and start discussion with you. That’s the truth.

I realized you have to reload the page (buyers request page) from time to time.
If some buyer who fits your gig have interest they will appear for a short period of time.
During this time you can send them an offer to help them.
Yeah, it can be a bit confused.
It’s not like you have a forum section where you can see them all the time.

Good luck by the way :grinning:

If the buyer likes your proposal ,they contact you to place an order.