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Hi there fiverr fam , I am having hard time keeping the clients or get the orders i have made 4 gigs and has fixed them whatever the issues they had , within a month i got two clients they messaged me and asked me to work for them and one of them took a test i performed well but he said we will get back if we decide to hire then he didnt contact the other buyer came later she talked nicely then asked me some things told me that she would contact me in the end of december i followed up her today she said she is not sure right now if she wants to hire me or not and told me that right now she is recruiting people for uploading to stores i told her ping me when you need me. Guys tell me whats the solution to my problem? what should i do to get the offers accepted ASAP. its been 2 months i am trying learning fixing things up but nothing worked. I ill be grateful for the best guidelines Thanks.


What do you mean by it? That you have optimized your gig? If yes, which aspects are involved?

Why should you have took a test to be potentially hired?

Clients seeks always for the best opportunity to collaborate and hire the best people to get the work done, as sellers searches for the best clients to serve (or the fitted ones), it’s a natural facts, don’t you agree about it?

Please always keep in mind that building a solid relationship with the client is first and foremost the best thing to do, especially in a virtual environment like ours.


I agree with your opinion but i dont know how to build that relationship might be i have less communication skills can you help me out in this regard? what should i do now? how do i convince her or other clients? Thank you

I dont now the client demanded to send some messaged on his facebook group he thought i am a 4th grade kid who cant send messages in massenger so he took a test sending a csv list of some users and asked me to send messages when i did he said i ill get back to you soon if i decide to hire and then he lost.
And yeah i did edit my gigs make them look better than before setting pricing uploading customized images and some previous work ScreenShots also.

Please always keep in mind that how to convince client in virtual world

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Bro I dont know how to do that and i need help in this regard. Thanks

jones bro can you visit my profile and et me know whats wrong with it why i am having nearly 400 impressions and 6 clicks but not getting orders? i ill be grateful to you thanks.

“how to build that relationship”
“communication skills”
“convince her”

They all seem useful phrases for a couple of well done Google searches.
Build up your knowledge, store it and use it.

Il life there will be very few people at your disposal to take the time, the dedication to guide you step by step to get things done in the proper way, you have to figure it out by yourself most of the time.

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Thank you so much jones I really appreciate that you took your time to respond and guide me in this regard. I will definitely start working on this. Can you please check my gigs and let me know what could be wrong whats creating the hurdles in reaching buyers to place orders? If you do have time else i would still appreciate your response. Thank you again.

Every gig of yours must be compared with other highly correlated gigs of the same field, I really do not have time and energies to dedicate to the topic.

Have a great day @alikhan812

Mix Jones

Thank you so much for your feedback.

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