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Buyers requirements are not clear


Last night I received a blog post order on my Automotive Blog Gig on Fiverr.

My gig title is “I will write an automotive blog post”

But the buyer has submitted his requirements like

" Looking for a blog article focusing non car buying. We are an automotive buying service for labor union members and all our vehicles come with member benefits that include a free limited Powertrain warranty or free hardship protection that come with a purchase through our participating dealerships"

The buyer has used “article focusing non car buying”, so I am confused if it should be read as “article focusing on car buying

Need guidance, please

Yes I’m sure it’s just a typo and they meant “Looking for a blog article focusing on car buying”.
You could send a message thanking them for the order and saying that you’ll create an article on that (maybe mention what was written if necessary and say you are just checking to be sure, but it’s probably not necessary as it’s 99% likely to be a typo where they meant “on”) and maybe mention they can contact you further if there are any issues or something.


Thank for taking time and replying :slight_smile: Yes, I have replied to the buyer and requested him to make it clear.

I also think that there is a typo.

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