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Buyers Reselling Your Gigs?

Okay, I cannot be the only person this has happened to.

I’m a super nice gal. Very outgoing. I’ll do anything for anyone, and that includes almost 2 hours of transcription work for five bucks because of [insert sad story here]. I sell on Fiverr for more reasons than just making money. It’s really nice to make someone’s day and to help people out. Plus, gaining experience, something to do, etc.

But I’ve had a few buyers now who I’ve noticed, after some time, are taking my work and reselling it with their gigs. My gig will be something like “I’ll do this thing three times for $5” and their gig is “I’ll do this thing once for $5” - I don’t want to say what it is just because it’s happened on more than one specific gig of mine.

This sucks!! I’m doing the work. It’s great. And then they’re reselling it as if they did it getting great reviews, too. I seriously wouldn’t mind doing this at all. If someone came to me and said “hey, yo, chick, I’m going to resell your [gig] as my gig and make a little more, but I’m going to be a long term buyer,” I’d be totally fine with it. Business relationship and what not.

I guess it’s my fault for not checking out my buyer’s profiles before I do their work?

You’re not the only one this happens to recently I had a buyer ask me to blantantly steal another sellers video, I told them where to go, naturally! If possible, report them to customer service and they will deal with them hopefully. :slight_smile:

Buying and reselling is part of the business game. I do translations, and many of my orders are from agencies that resell them for more money. I’m perfectly fine with that.

In your case, given that the other seller is selling your work in the same platform (Fiverr), and giving one third of what you give (you give 3 for $5, and he gives 1 for $5), why don’t you just give 1 for $5 yourself?

Additionally, if potential buyers are seeing your gig and his gig, and choose the second, probably is because he’s giving some kind of additional value, or he’s taking the time to promote outside of Fiverr, because nobody would choose to get 1 when they can get 3 for the same price.

It’s the way the business world works. It has nothing to do with checking out a profile, in fact many buyers who do this you will never know because they are buying from Fiverr and selling to outside of Fiverr in their regular freelance work.

Most businesses and design agencies who do service work all hire subcontractors in general. They sell the service for a high fee but have other people doing the work, and the whole goal is you are in that business because you can make money from it off the top.

If your work is really more valuable than what you are charging then you should up your prices, and not do the transcription for the “sob stories” because most of those sob stories are fake to begin with, sad to say.

They make money you too its a win win.


It is part of the way the business world works. My suggestion is you get really good at your service/gig, receive amazing reviews, and then start charging what you really want to make. The quality of your clients will greatly improve and you’ll be making more money and enjoying yourself a lot more!

Every business I’ve been around that was worried about their “products” being resold went into bankruptcy or isn’t doing well at all. It’s a philosophy thing. Some of the most successful companies I’ve worked for had the attitude of “a sale is a sale.” Unless you have a “dealer network” you’re trying to protect, don’t sweat it.

BTW, It’s called sub-contracting. It’s a good thing. If those clients contracted you directly, you’d have made no more money. Be thankful for any business you get, and you will go far.

Yes unfortunately that is how it works, I’ve noticed a few “buyers” on here that frequent the Buyers Request market asking for things done, like audio & video editing, then checked their profiles and they offer the same services also, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re getting the work done for them and pawning it off as their own for slightly higher prices or even re-selling as a “professional editor” elsewhere.
Which is fine and dandy but I have ways of embedding watermarks which unless they know where and what to look for, they won’t find, so it’s quite easy for me to call them out if I suspect they’re using my work, not that I really care but frauds usually get outed in my field of expertise, very easily :slight_smile:

Unless the OP edited her message before I read it so some of those responding here originally read something totally different than I just did, I thought she said she’d be fine with a subcontractor-like arrangement (i.e. a contractor hiring her for the express purpose of completing part or all of a project they’ve been hired to make happen for a client, typically at a lower fee than the contractor is receiving).

What I read is that she has a problem with Fiverr sellers purchasing work from her as if they, themselves, are the buyer in need, then passing that work off as their own to sell on their own Fiverr gigs later. That has nothing to do with subcontracting.

Subcontractors know they’re being contracted to provide work for a client that already contracted the contractor to make it happen and clients are made aware either when they ask or upfront that the company/individual uses subcontractors as a labor source even though the product or service they’re providing is blanketed under their name.

What I read here is that she has no idea these people are ordering her work just to resell it to potential buyers on Fiverr and I didn’t see any mention that these sellers are openly stating in their gigs that they outsourced the work they’re showing in their samples or providing for their orders. They’re saying they did it themselves.

That’s not subcontracting or being a reseller, so let’s not confuse legitimate business practices and terms with being a lying thief or the way things are handled within the business culture of Fiverr and similar creative freelance marketplaces with how the business world works in general.

This isn’t some guy saying he’ll mow a lawn for $100 then tossing a teenager $20 to do it where the teen is just happy to have $20. This is a landscaper contacting another landscaper, asking them to mow his lawn for $20, them going out to his house to do it, then finding out later that wasn’t even his house. It was the house of someone who paid him $100 to do what they unwittingly did for him without their business getting the credit for having done it.

In the business world, people have contracts for a reason and businesses have legal departments for a reason and people get sued for a reason.

It’s only this particular subculture of business that associates how upset you should be over theft or being swindled with your level of success or mindset. In the business world as a whole, it’s about the law and your own personal means and risk.

@ginamcnamara My advice is to…

  1. Report sellers to Customer Support when you catch them passing your work off as their own.

  2. Restructure your pricing to be more in line with what buyers are paying those other sellers for your work. It’ll help deter sellers like that from using you as a cheap source of labor without your consent.

Just remember that your work is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. The fact that they’re offering your work for more doesn’t mean they’re getting more for it.

  1. Spend as much time as you can building up your presence.

Good luck!

i think it normally, cause i would not know that my buyer resell my work somewhere else, cause my price give them is high enough so that it including the fee that they can resell them. Once i give them price, i don’t bother they resell or not. Cause my price including all i need :D.

Try to sell your gig = your personal worth, not under sell it