Buyers Responding to Requests?



I’m not sure whether this was discussed, but I have recently seen several requests on FIVERR that I am qualified to actually do. However, because I am not listed as a seller, I can not respond. I feel this is unfair. Anyone else had the same experience?




Becoming a seller is easy enough though.

You could just create a gig that say “I will: do custom work we previously agreed on” and in the description tell people to contact you before ordering it?


Reply to @madmoo: Yeah on such a custo mgig it would be best to agree on something before placing the order, to avoid disappointments and bad ratings.


Thanks guys, I’m kinda new to this. I came here totally by accident. … liked what I found and stayed :slight_smile:


I have a gig that I turn on and off when needed for special requests. May be a good idea to have it on always for those times when the buyer wants custom work. Nice tip.