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Buyers Responsibilities (when they are ordering to a seller)

There is also some responsibility of buyers when they ordering to a seller. It is not to necessary to just order the level 2 seller they should only have to check the quality of work ( product) even if he is new seller and it is also notice able someone has to provide platform to the new sellers.
In case of choosing a new seller check his/her profile.
Good quality new seller should have:

  1. Good portfolio ( video, samples).
  2. Handsome Description
  3. Affordable packages
    So it is the responsibility of buyers to provide initial platform to the good new sellers.

Can you clarify the statement you made above?

I do not believe it is my responsibility to hire new sellers nor is it my responsibility to ensure any sellers success. I believe it is the seller’s responsibility to ensure their own success or failure.

I may sound harsh but 5r is business. I will give you money in exchange for service that I need.

Why should I or any buyer have the responsibility to provide initial platform?


gina_riley2 here everyone try his best to give good services to the buyers but when a seller is new no one try Him/her at least one time. At least give him/her a chance to prove his/her quality.
If his/her services are not satisfy you then you may can also cancel the order.
At least that time you have been given him/her a chance. Now its depend on his/her how he/she prove his/her services.
gina_riley2 are you a buyer?
Thanks for your point of view…

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Okay. Thank you for your response.

I’ve given newbies chances and sometimes hire those with great potential as well.

Good luck on your 5r journey. I wish you great success. :slight_smile::slight_smile:⚘⚘

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Even a new seller shouldn’t just look to rely on kindness from a buyer to make their first order. Giving someone a chance sounds nice, but isn’t practical for buyers who are looking to save time and money instead of becoming charities for new sellers.
Yes, it can be hard when you’re starting out. But, for example, if you’re applying to BR, try to write the best offer possible. Give people a reason to pick you beyond “you should because it’s the right thing to do.”


somaginer1996 You are 100% right I am also trying to make sure this thing that first thing is on seller to provide quality to his/her buyer to think about his/her but the 2nd thing is that buyers should not ignore him/her just because of that he/she is new seller.
somaginer1996 is it right?
Thank you very much for your opinion.

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You have a really nice gig, btw.

I love your explainer video. Did you create that? If so, you should consider offering it.

Perhaps, you should consider creating one or two more gigs. Others can tell you better but I believe most start with 2 or 3 gigs to increase chances of sales. Virtual Assistants and Data entry are pretty closely related, yet slightly different.

I’m a buyer only, hence no gigs.

Good Luck!


While I personally agree that buyers shouldn’t ignore new sellers just because they are new, I also would defend the buyers who choose experienced sellers. After all, can you really blame them for wanting someone who not only talks a good talk, but also has the reviews to back it up?

Sure, we all started somewhere, and I’m grateful as well to my own first buyers who (not too long ago) purchased my services for the first time. What I don’t agree is that

Buyers don’t have responsibility to do that. They’re looking for good service, and all they are responsible for is being cooperative when the seller needs information and such. Not every buyer is charitable enough to take a chance on new talent like Gina is, nor should they have to be. It’s a free market, after all.


gina_riley2 Thank you very much for these good words about my gig.
Yeah I made this video.
I can create these types of intros Videos. Is it right to create a gig about that? I mean is it really can work?
First I consider to provide featured work to my buyers but now I am also considering to create 2 gigs more.
Actually I mixed up the Virtual Assistants and Data entry to provide featured work to buyers.

I am also agree with you in that case.
But I am saying that in case when a buyer is totally impressed by your gig but ignoring you only because of that you are new seller.
That is the my main point.
I am not saying that every buyer become charitable. He/she has to look for good service’s and this should be there first preference.

If they’re really “totally impressed” then they won’t be ignoring you in the first place.

I guess it’s just semantics though. My point is that reviews are also important, and that everyone looks at different aspects when ordering. Some might think that an awesome gig is enough, while others might need to be persuaded by reviews. Both are equally fine as the “first preference,” and we’re not here to convince them otherwise.

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Please realize creating more gigs does not guarantee sales. It does increase your chances.

I’m sure you already know know how competitive 5r is with so many gigs and buyers.

As somaginer1996 said above, do other things like buyers request, promote yourself (not spam). Look at the Tips for seller category. There was a tip from someone who went to Twitter to find clients. In your case, type in data entry in Twitter to see what pops up and put yourself out there.

I know it’s frustrating. Best/G.

Gotta get some sleep. Getting sleepy. :sleeping:


Yeah, Absolutely you are right.:expressionless:

I will try to create more gigs.

Please stop spamming. You can only promote yourself in My Fiverr Gigs; it’s spam to promote yourself anywhere else, and hijacking someone else’s thread to promote your services is a violation of the forum rules.

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Buyer responsibilities:

  1. Know what you’re ordering because each refund hurts my search results
  2. Know what you want to avoid revisions later on
  3. Give me CLEAR instructions
  4. Don’t ask me to communicate outside of Fiverr