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Buyers Review or Sellers Response to Buyers on Sellers Page


I haven’t had Internet for the past two days, so I’ve been pecking on my smartphone. Something I noticed that is missing, or maybe it’s not missing and I’m just losing my mind.

On my tablet and computer it works fine. On my smartphone, when I’m checking out a gig, I can not see the sellers response to a review. I tried it several times with sellers I know for a fact reviews their buyers on their gig page.

It does not show on the sellers main page (which it never has on any computer, so thats nothing new) or gig page (where I should be able to read the seller’s response).

I could swear I used to be able to not that as the long ago.


Hi Gina! You’re quite right - I just checked on my smartphone and can’t see seller responses to feedback either. I can still see them on my desktop,


The same thing applies to tablets. Maybe Fiverr should implement this in the near future.


I think that’s kinda bad.

Like I always said, less than 5 stars doesn’t phase me as long as I can see the sellers response. We’ve all told new seller, “Don’t worry, just be professional in your response.”



I have a Samsung tablet and I can see sellers review of buyers.


Good morning, Gina :coffee: :tea:

I’m on my Ipad and I cannot see seller’s responses.


Maybe it a problem and will solved as soon as possible


Thank you for the coffee, Nika.

I have no internet, no coffee pot, among other luxuries right now. I’m a caffeine addict, so it’s painful.

I had iPad awhile ago, sold it and got Samsung. I like the iPad, it just wasn’t compatible with certain stuff at work.


Was it visible before? I could swear it was.


it was before and now is it solve?


Well… In the app it’s not visible but direct browsing via I can see them.
Oh, I brewed a big pot so there’s more so drink up. :yum:


They removed it as an update to the app. (Don’t know why… :smirk:)
You can try out an older version of the app, that shows it.


Wow, ok. Thanks for the info Taverr. Maybe it was an aesthetic issue, who knows. :disappointed_relieved:


Perhaps they felt like, the buyers thought them as separate reviews. (Just a guess :slight_smile:)