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Buyer's Review & Ratio

Since this subject has come up again, I am just curious as to how you would use this information?

If you could see

  • Buyer’s Reviews (in other words, reviews left by sellers)
  • Cancellation Ratio
  • Money spent/tips given
  • Review Ratio (% of review the buyer left for sellers)
  • Number of gig purchased

How would this be useful to you and what would you do with it?


Wouldn’t make any difference to me at all to be honest. :grinning:

I don’t see how they’ve behaved in the past as a buyer could influence how I deal with them.

I know many sellers would like to know this information, but for me it would just be a distraction.


Someone mentioned that those information would be useless because cancellation would still affect the seller and let’s face it, the block/spam function works better on the forum than the main site.


I would use all that information to spot things like :fish: buyers with a significant record of bad feedback, to be more wary when dealing with new buyers, to spot scammers more easily and not let them play their game, etc.:

  • buyer’s review: I can see if they want the sea and the moon for cheap, if they think like nobody deserves 5 stars because there’s no perfection in the world (a buyer actually told me that :smirk: ), etc.

  • cancellation ratio: too many cancellations may indicate that the buyer has either dealt with trouble or bad sellers, or that they are a regular freebie hunter

  • money spent/tips given - honestly, this info wouldn’t be of much use, and some buyers might not even want to have such info publicly displayed

  • review ratio - I could link this with the “buyer’s review” to get a better picture of the buyer’s reviewing pattern and possible abuses/misuses

  • number of gig purchased - I would see if a buyer has never purchased a thing from Fiverr and I’d be more careful by sending samples and all that to avoid potential scammers

All that info would give me an idea of who I’m working with, and minimize risks :wink:


Life really is too short! :grinning:


Exactly, because #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat I don’t want to end up spending my time working on a big order for a scammer who had in mind from the very beginning to scam me and get away with free work, which I could’ve prevented had I known who I’d dealt with from the beginning by having access to such info :wink:

I’ve done it plenty times, I really don’t like working that way and for such people, because, wait for it: #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat :smiley:


Still better. I had one buyer who gave me 4.5 stars just because the people he care about, he want them to grow and improve more though he was 100% satisfied with the quality of work… Now does that make any sense… :confused: As if I asked for this extra care.


The 4.5-star review isn’t bad at all. It’s great to have a variety of reviews, even having a one or two negative ones (in every 500 reviews) isn’t bad because if you are straight 5.0 stars, you might sound a bit sketchy to some people.

I have talked with this with clients from Fiverr, and they say it’s hard to pick a genuine seller (because there are tons of people with a lot of 5-star reviews). It’s great that customer support doesn’t delete reviews as they did in the past, but it’s bad as they don’t delete unjustified reviews.


I never thought of advantages having to know those things, but if I could see the review, I would guess about the buyer like they do watch my reviews. xD

these things won’t help me anyway! :confused:


Honestly I don’t have any problem with less than 5 star reviews but if he hadn’t told me the actual reason behind it in inbox. Plus, I didn’t like it as I over delivered ( my mistake ) and did more than 10 revisions just because he was continuously changing script which was a problem at his end, not mine.


In my opinion, important for me would be just the numbers of gig purchased, and the gigs completed (cancellation ration). But again none of this numbers on Fiverr would be a real measure. There are tons of scammers that are sellers, so this can be a reason for a high cancellation ratio.



1: in the same way as buyers use sellers´reviews, I guess
2: potential red flag, but just as I know that sellers have cancellations because of buyers’ fault, I know it´s like that the other way around too, so probably would ignore unless unusually high or in conjunction with other red flags
3: doesn´t matter
4: same as 2
5: doesn´t matter

I don´t think it will happen, though, perhaps with the exception of Buyer Reviews.


Another freelancing platform shows all of those parameters. Buyer reviews, buyer rating score (with private feedback also included in the percentage). It says the entire order history, and the amount of money spent.

They have also included the feedback to be counted from the order price. For an example, if the client has only two reviews, one of them is a negative one and the other is a positive one. They see the order value, and if order with a positive buyer review costs $1000, and the one with the negative review costs $40, they give the buyer a higher scoring value and vice verse.

I chose my clients really carefully, and I had no problems at all with cancellations on that platform. I think that Fiverr can also implement some of those things.


I noticed that many sellers don’t reciprocate, frankly, not necessary on 5r - since it’s not displayed.

I would like to see previous reviews buyers have left for sellers. I see no reason why we couldn’t see that information.


That is really interesting - so it means there is a system already in place on other sites that does actually work in regards to the cancellation problem :thinking:

Yet Fiverr still doesn’t seem to want to address this never-ending problem :confused:


My main concern would be seeing Reviews left by Sellers, Cancellations and Money Spent. With another platform that I used to work on this information was vital because there were Buyers that were just bad news. Most importantly if you saw that a buyer had a repetitive history of not paying then you knew to avoid them.

Reviews from sellers will usually give some insight of what it’s like to work with the buyer though it would be somewhat obvious if the seller was just trying to be harsh if they didn’t get what they want; i.e. tip. Though mainly it would be cancellations and reviews; maybe money spent but that could be tricky.


And this leads us to another point: how would a seller be able to avoid a buyer on Fiverr? :thinking:

Sure, Fiverr told us we can just say No in one of the Academy pages, yet I still don’t see any “No” system in the order or resolution center. I don’t see any way of saying No without the buyer first ordering and then having to cancel, and this is where it also gets tricky: how do you even make a buyer accept a cancellation request if they don’t want to, and without upsetting Fiverr?

As I said, there is no way to just say no to a buyer, not as long as the buyer decides whether to accept a cancellation request or not, and after having placed an order, which will also count against us in the end to some degree.


Okay, but that site is demand driven, and you get to chose your project. Fiverr is supply-driven and it is a completely different concept, but they could implement some strategies to lower the scam artists.

I don’t say that you can’t get scammed on the other platform, but in order to get scammed, it would be your own fault, by not analyzing your clients prior applying or accepting their interview invite. If I am correct there was one guy, that got scammed by a Fiverr seller, there was a thread here on the forum on that topic. It was obvious that the fault was on the seller from the other platform, as he accepted to work without a payment.

I had only one cancellation on the other platform, and it was due to my fault, of not vetting the buyer.

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The first thing that came to mind: “Accept Order / Reject Order” :smiley: Like in letting the seller decide who they’ll work with and who they won’t. Giving sellers the power to just say NO. Problem solved :grin: #daydreaming