Buyers Review should display on the Buyers Profile


Hi, it would be great that Buyers review should also show on their profile in order for Seller to known what kind of buyers they are dealing with. Thank you.


i would LOVE to know the kind of seller i am dealing with before accepting a gig or at least have a heads up on on who i am working for when the order is placed.

I do think that fiverr is a bit one sided in that aspect where the seller has to reveal all, yet we are not ‘protected’ with information being freely available about our buyers.


Reply to @shizune:

shizune said: i would LOVE to know the kind of seller i am dealing with

Did you mean "the kind of buyer"?


I think the thought is that the only thing, which matters about buyers, is that they pay…


If this could be done by Fiverr, I think most of the sellers would be very happy on this. At least the seller know what kind of buyer they are dealing for.


yes it might help but any buyer will get bad review, will easily create a new account



Haha, then the buyer will always feel tired every time they create an account.


All of this is great… However it means nothing if you can’t refuse a buyer. What good does it do if you have a buyer who purchases your gig and you see that they have bad percentages and you can’t refuse the order? You would still have to deal with them… Yes you would know what kind of buyer you’re dealing with, but you still have to complete the order. So before all of the other stuff goes into play, fiverr needs to allow a way for buyers to refuse orders.


Reply to @est1990: Actually for me I didn’t care much about the Cancellation ratio.