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Buyers review should have a limited period of time

A buyer once gave me a negative review on a job he marked completed about a month ago. Seriously!

They do have a limited time. A month.

Thanks but that’s still very long.

What but the number of times they can edit the reviews posted?

After a month it is closed so they should not be able to edit it or change it.

I hope that this limit really applies so that they will not abuse this feature for any reason they may have.

Maybe you deserved it. I’ve now been burned by three proofreaders in a row.

causing me massive inconvenience and wasted time.

Why shouldn’t buyers who are unhappy with work be able to say so up to 30 days later?

The lack of professionalism by some service providers on and the way lets incompetent and unethical people protect their high ratings is staggering.

I’m not saying you are either of these things, but service providers aren’t the only ones who are burned by the “wonders” of fiverr’s system.

You got paid, but who is going to pay me, the burned buyer, for my lost time and my train wreck of a production schedule? No one. But fiverr took its huge cut on both ends of the deal.