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Buyer's Review: Yes or No?

Those of you who buy, do you care if the sellers give you a review?

For buyers only:

  • Yes, I want a review
  • No, I don’t want a review
  • Eh, I don’t care

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As a seller, are the buyer’s review helpful?

  • Yes, I’ve rejected troublesome buyers based on reviews left for them
  • No, It’s useless, it mostly contains “thank you”
  • Maybe, Sellers tend to only take time to write bad reviews, so I look for that to determine if I want to work with them

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I like leaving reviews on my buyer.

  • A. Yes
  • B. No
  • C. Not really, would be more useful if I could see buyer’s review of me first.

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When I buy, I do not care if the seller gives me a review. However, I do understand that buyers who buy quite often may not want other sellers or buyers to know how much they buy or from whom they buy it.

They were more so when I was a new seller and establishing my profile. Now, I do not care much about the number of reviews I get.

Unless a buyer has asked me not to review them, I am happy to leave a review for the buyer to help them establish their profile and let other sellers know that the buyer is pleasant with whom to work.

However, sometimes when I have regular buyers, I am not disappointed when they do not review me because I understand they may be busy or not want others to know how often they order from me.


I think you misunderstood my 2nd question.

I’m wondering if you find the reviews that sellers left as being helpful in determining to work with that particular buyer.


Silly me. :blush: That is what I thought when I voted. But when I read only the question and not the explanation in the voting part, my mind went in a different direction.

Yes, they do help me to some extent. When a buyer is new to me, I do not only go to their profile page to see their reviews. I go to the pages of the sellers they have recently done business with to see what kind of review the buyer has left for the sellers they with whom have worked. If they generally leave less than stellar reviews for silly reasons, then I am wary of working with that kind of buyer.

Of course, I cannot avoid working with them if they book my gig directly without asking for a custom order.


I only have 3 reviews on my profile but I’ve bought 100s of gigs on 5r.

I’ve bought many since they introduced the reviews for buyers.

Because, I like to keep my privacy, I stopped leaving reviews. I don’t like people snooping to know what I buy and who I buy from.

I don’t feel I’m a difficult buyer but I am a frequent buyer. Anyone who doesn’t know me, wouldn’t know that. I was just wondering what other sellers would think of me.


I’ve seen a decrease in reviews from this. I used to get more people leaving them. I feel uncomfortable about reviewing buyers. I don’t want to do it. But I’m too curious about their review of me not to leave them so I make theirs generic.

I am apprehensive when I’ve seen more than one negative review on a buyer’s profile.


Because of my reading your comment from a buyer’s view on the Fiverr Forum, I feel that I understand the buyers who do not leave me reviews. When I do not get a review, I figure that:

  1. The buyer wants to remain anonymous.
  2. The buyer is a busy person, and in spite of Fiverr reminding them twice to review, they do not want to take the time to leave a review.
  3. The buyer is sick of the two requests for reviews mentioned above and being told that tips are customary, so they complete the order and go on their merry way.

I also believe that in some cases, there are kind-hearted buyers that were a bit unhappy with their order, but realize the seller, possibly a newbie, did their best, so the buyer kindly does not leave a review. Although I feel this is not good because then the next buyer to come along gets similar shoddy work.a


I had one purchase I wasn’t happy with but didn’t leave any review because I don’t want to put out anything negative about a seller. I do like to leave glowing reviews however.

Since I dislike the idea of reviewing buyers so much I feel forced to do it and that rubs me the wrong way.

I do appreciate it if a buyer can mark the order complete quickly.


For buyers who are happy with a seller and want to keep working with them, but don’t want to leave reviews because they have some privacy issue, this is probably a good idea to do.
Not leaving reviews puts especially not pushy sellers at a disadvantage, so they’ll certainly appreciate the order at least getting marked complete, so they know everything was fine, and they’ll get paid 3-4 days earlier than else.


Me too! Even though I understand the buyer’s issues with not leaving a review, I like getting paid e-4 days sooner too!


I would only leave a bad review for a buyer who attempted some kind of scam or complaint intended to get a refund as a fraud attempt.
But then you also risk having such a character getting revenge.

As we saw recently with Miss Bunny, a really vicious person can become a big problem.
Sellers are vulnerable. We are basically sitting ducks for attempts at character assassination.


I wonder why 5r has started telling buyers that tipping is customary? :thinking:

This is the only freelancing platform that I buy on with an automatic tipping feature.

In the U.S. tipping at service restaurants are customary and tipping drivers, hair dressers are sorta expected. There are other exceptions, occasionally movers or hotel housekeeping and such; but not customary.

We typically do not tip freelancers. I don’t mind as I get phenomenal service for a great price from some excellent sellers. I do admit since the transaction fee went up to $2, I haven’t tipped.

I own a small freelancing business and buy great deal of stuff from various sites, mainly proofreading/editing sites. All the fee adds up. Some sites have no fee, some have little fee but 5r has the highest fees.

5r punishes me if I want to tip my awesome seller with another fee - I mean they already take 20% from you on tips, do they really need to charge me another fee? :roll_eyes:. I’m getting off topic here.


When I see a buyer’s reviews, I find that seller and see what sort of review and response the buyer left for them. A lot of sellers will do a default 5 stars, and the buyer will leave then 1. That’s what I’m careful about. I have rejected buyers if their reviews show they’re impossible to please (like they give a L2 seller 1 star because seller wouldn’t give then free revisions or completely redo the work w/o extra pay).


I wondered how many people felt this way.

As a seller on Amazon, I want reviews. As a buyer, not so much.

I truly HATE getting reviews as a buyer. It tells the whole world what I’m buying and from whom. I know Google search indexes it, but at least there used to be some anonymity.

I used to just ask sellers not to review me (& inbox them a copy of what I wrote, so they can rest easy) but now I just avoid the whole thing by not reviewing. I don’t have to worry about an accidental review popping up.


I have one gig where the buyers have not left a review - none of them. I don’t really care, but understand they don’t want anyone else to know their business. But it would be nice if they had market the gig as complete, particularly as it’s a one day one …


This actually highlights a flaw in the review system. Buyers can choose to review, sellers can only review if the buyer reviews.

In case a seller is really bad, or the buyer thinks so, the buyer can review accordingly, to warn other potential buyers. If a buyer is really bad, or the seller thinks so, but doesn’t review the seller, the seller cannot review accordingly to warn other sellers.

In any case, as buyers who want to avoid a review for them showing, be it for privacy reasons or because they fear a bad review, can simply not review, it seems that the reviewing buyers isn’t such an important part of the review system in the first place.
They stopped one step short of actually implementing a blind and balanced review system.

I don’t really care either way, though, I haven’t noticed much if any difference before/after the introduction of the blind review/buyer review system.


I actually did have a bad buyer I would have warned other sellers about with a bad review about two months ago. I see she has other bad reviews as a buyer.

Someone who is skilled at it can go through a lot of sellers without paying. This one got her lies confused.