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Hi guys !!!

Hope you all fine, few Days ago I got my First negative feedback since 2 years of my fiverr life, lol. So I’m so disappointing and don’t know what to do,

The scenario was, before the deliver the gig, I asked ‘anything else or let me know more etc’ , He told ‘love it and um good’ then I delivered it, after few hours he post a negative review, ( see the attachment please), then I contact him and asked any amount of revisions or refund, but not responding, CS saying they cant do anything,

In this situation, I’m helpless, Someone help me please, I work hard, This feedback is really a huge pain,


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There must have been a miscommunication. He asked you were you going to “add the rest of it” apparently he thought there was more things that were going to be added to the logo and that you were not finished yet. When he asked you about it, you told him that he had to order the gig extra, thats why he said “Wow um ok.” He should have tried to re communicate this to you rather than post the negative review. He thought that you were suppose to do more work for the gig, and he thought you wanted him to pay more for something that should have been included. You should always ask AFTER you deliver if there is anything else needed not before you deliver the gig. Buyer’s just don’t understand how devastating it is to receive a negative review after working on their project. Some sellers spend a lot of time and energy on their gigs only to receive peanuts, so when a negative review comes in, it really is disconcerting. I’m sure if buyer’s knew how it effected us, they wouldn’t do it. They don’t get that it’s not like an amazon book review, the review is of an actual person that is providing extremely discounted services for income, so when a negative review comes in, it effects us tremendously. Anyway. I hope you contact the seller and work it out to get the review removed!

Thank you very much for your reply :slight_smile:

Also, it happens. Every once in a while you may get a negative review. It’s part of business. I know it’s dissapointing of course, but it’s just part of business life. If you have that many good sales and great feedback you just move on.

It won’t really effect you if you respond to the feedback in a positive way.

Hello Pals.

I have a li’l problem,can you please help me…

As I delivered my gig,the buyer kept calm,it’s been delivered after 3 days,after that he contacted me how can I rate your services.

Now how can i get rated by him.

Can you please help me…!!

Reply to @rams254: not all buyers will give you a rating and review. That is normal. I think that if it is after 30 days they cannot leave a review. But if you just delivered the gig, the buyer should just go to their account to the notifications page and it should be in there as a “to-do”.