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Buyer's Reviews Show up On their Profile Now!


I just checked out my buyer’s profile, and I can see all their reviews with sellers they have worked with! Similarly, if I look at my profile, I see reviews from sellers I have worked with, and it shows me as a buyer as well.

What do you think about this?

Buyers Reviews Dropped 45% Since Blind System

From my seller’s perspective, great.

As for my purchases showing up on my seller’s page, I can’t say I like it.

The thing is, when you’re “only” a buyer, people can’t just contact and spam you.
When you’re also a seller too, they can. I hope it won’t lead to more spam, we’ ll see.

For that and other reasons, I’d prefer to be able to have 2 different accounts, one for selling, one for buying, and I also think that would be the better way to handle this.
If I could have gotten a different account for buying, I’d have bought more often and would buy more often.


I like the idea of being able to vet a buyer. :slightly_smiling_face: However, I am concerned that this new system may lead to fewer reviews.:confused:

I took a little time to go to my recent buyer’s profiles. At first it was to see if my review had shown up. :blush:

Then I got interested in seeing what other services they were buying besides mine. :thinking:

Some had purchased services other than mine, others had purchased services the same as what I offer. :open_mouth:

Then I noticed that one regular that had disappeared :ghost: for a month had “cheated” on me by using someone else’s services that were the same as mine! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

However, just yesterday that regular appeared and gave me a plethora of work, so that is good. :relaxed:

However, it got me to thinking that, “Hey, if I were a buyer, I would not like my sellers knowing what I buy and whom I buy it from.” :angry:

It would be like if I went to the pharmacy to buy my prescription meds and picked up personal items while I was there and then the pharmacy posted on their website what I had purchased. :scream:

I think being able to have a buyer account and a seller account, each with its own features is the answer. Otherwise, I foresee fewer reviews. I already lost tips due to the $2 charge on a $5 tip. :roll_eyes:


As a buyer, I’d think it was really creepy that my purchases could be identified by everybody.

Ebay keeps being touted as an example of ‘how to do stuff well’ - buyer identities have been anonymised in the feedback section using asterisks for ages, for good reason.


Yep, I see why. At first I thought this was a good change, now I do not. :flushed:


I’m glad I don’t have recent reviews of me as a buyer to show up on my profile. Not that I’m a bad buyer, just that I value my privacy. People would be thinking “ooo look at who Miss Crystal bought a gig from”. :flushed:

And what if a seller said something like “she was picky and difficult so hopefully she never buys from me again” and potential buyers of my gigs see that. :worried:


I did the same thing, looking at what my buyers bought lol


I really disagree with the fact that buyers of my services can see reviews about what I bought. It could ruin my reputation. That should be private. Also, sellers could get spammed and this could cause a whole lot of trouble. We should be able to see it for buyers though.


It’s a fun new opportunity to be a voyeur of our buyer’s most closely held secrets, seeing if they bought things from our competitors. It can be an eye opener. Especially in my category.


To be honest, anyone could see your purchases before, if you left a review on the order. If you search fiverr (the username of anyone you want to vet), you can find all of their orders they’ve left a review on. This system just makes vetting a whole lot easier.


I really think selling and buyer activities/profiles should be clearly separated, best in different accounts.

It’s also not okay to be penalized as a seller with a dropped response rate, when the rate dropped because you didn’t reply to a spammy mail by a seller in an interaction where you were the buyer.
If I’d have had a buyer account and bought on that, the dropped response rate would have been of no consequence for me as a buyer, while as it is, it does have consequences for me as a seller. No logic there.


Vetting buyers before they purchase is a myth. :wink:

Yep - but so much easier to spy on them when all the info’s in the one place, as beautifully described by @vickiespencer


I have been pleased to be able to see other sellers leaving bad reviews on some of my more difficult buyers :smile:


What do you mean? I do it all the time…before I send a quote, I usually look up their username on google search with the word “fiverr.” You can find all the ordes they reviewed.


Sending a custom quote is different to a buyer coming to the gig and purchasing directly- you’re going looking for buyers via buyer requests etc.?


No, usually buyers contact me before they order, I ask them to contact me on my gig. First they let me know about the project details, and then I send a quote. If they have bad reviews after “vetting” them, you can block them from ordering if you want. :wink:


It also creates a potential revenge feeling if someone has a seller leave a particularly bad review on a buyer’s profile. It’s there for all the world to see what a jerk that buyer was, and they may feel like it’s unbearable and demands some back alley justice on their part.

So the really bad buyers will only use throw away accounts that they don’t care about.


But only if you’ve been in conversation with them beforehand as you have.

If they buy your gig directly, as Fiverr was designed, you can’t block, only cancel.


I’m still not sure about this. If you report someone who has messaged you, does it block them from buying?


it is a great man, i loved it :heart_eyes: