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Buyer's Reviews Show up On their Profile Now!


Only if you use the ‘block’ button on their profile I think. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes you’re right. In my case, they almost always contact me


Yes, it was released in one of Fiverr’s feature updates.


That’s right but it’s easy now, you don’t need to go searching or stumble over it.

OT Block Button

I’ve had the block button for people who only contacted me and not yet ordered, but not anymore.

A few days ago I wanted to block someone who’d contacted me but couldn’t, only the report button, no more block button. It seems to have been rolled back for me, or I had it in early Beta but not now in actual Beta or whatever. Can’t seem to rely on it, either way.

Also, being a seller, I’ve had someone contacting me to ask me about a seller I’ve left a review for - they’d not have been able to ask me if I’d bought on a buyer account, plus, I was forced to reply for the sake of my response rate.

While I wouldn’t mind this display of my purchased goods for everyone to see at one glance as a buyer that much, knowing that nobody could contact me or spam me as an “only” buyer, as a seller/buyer, it’s far from a good system and not very private, especially if the system changes suddenly without you knowing from when on it changes and being able to adapt your “reviewing habits”.

Also, as you’re only allowed one account, even if you’re “only” a buyer, you might not want the sellers you buy gigs from for your business to easily see on your profile what you buy for private use, for instance.

I definitely think there will be less reviews.
In retrospect, when I bought some gigs, I’d not have left reviews for them if this system had been in effect then already. (And I’d have felt bad about it because, as a seller, I know how precious good reviews are.)


I can imagine the embarrassment of my buyers having everyone see all the gigs for spells they have purchased. I doubt if they appreciate having that displayed. Or maybe they aren’t bothered by it. I may not leave buyer reviews unless they were truly bad. It would be good if the seller’s names were X’d out.


Besides the privacy reasons already stated above, I would like to point out another important thing: the reviews on the buyers’ profiles do not project/depict the entire picture. There could be many reasons for a buyer to give negative reviews for the sellers they purchase from; they may not be obvious at first glance. It does not necessarily mean that the buyer is very demanding, fussy, annoying, and a PITA to deal with.

It could also be that the buyer had not had the opportunity of working with “good” sellers in the past or maybe the seller cheated the buyer by promising something exciting and not delivering it in the end. There could be many reasons for it.

However, despite this, I am sure many sellers would make a split second decision when they see negative reviews on a buyer’s profile. It would be unfair to refuse to work with a buyer (who might, in fact, be one of the most considerate buyers out there) purely based on the fact that they have negative reviews displayed on their profile.


On the other hand it might make buyers be more careful and thoughtful in dealing with sellers.


You’d think so. :wink:


Exactly! My point was that: You cannot make head nor tail of a buyer from the reviews that you see on their profile. :slight_smile: So, using the reviews that you see on a buyer’s profile to make a decision on whether to work with them or not (if u had an option to decide) would not be correct, imo. However, many sellers might already be doing that. :slight_smile:


But isn’t this what we as sellers are up against everyday here on Fiverr? :thinking:


Huh. That is so weird if a seller’s profile shows their buying activity. :see_no_evil:


I’m going to have a look around and see what I can see. :mag: :female_detective:

Conclusion: I quick look at a few seller’s profiles reveals… most are not active buyers.


I am not seeing this. When I go on a buyer’s profile, the only thing I see is my own replies to their reviews (which are also not visible on their profile).