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Buyer's revision and delivery time

I have a question that my buyer has asked me for a revision but didn’t provided me the details of what he wants from me. I messaged him many times, he was online but still not responding. I used resolution center for extension in delivery time, but if the buyer will not accept or reject the extension request within the due time than what should I do?


Why did you ask for extension on delivery if you are making revision of the order?

Extension in delivery time is only for when you think it won’t be possible for you to deliver the order on time. Once you deliver it, it makes no sense requesting an extension.

I, for example, delivered an order yesterday and my client requested revision, but only until a few more days I won’t know exactly if anything should be modified, since the decision on revising depends on a third person. So there it is, sitting calmly awaiting for my buyer to tell me what to do.