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Buyers running back to me when they get hurt by fake sellers. Sigh... I greet them with open arms

As a skillful, creative, HONEST graphic designer it’s hard when you see fake sellers with 50 to 100+ orders in their cue. Now if you are a dedicated, HONEST graphic designer, you’d be able to tell if their services are original. You’d know that what these other sellers have to offer, are just artwork stolen from sites like all-free-vector-download, vecteezy, etc. These are the guys that get pick over us better designers in the buyers request, just because they offer a logo in just 24hrs with vector for just $10. Then people ask, “Why does Fiverr get so much hate from established graphic designers?” WELL… it’s because Fiverr needs to implement quality control! I’m tired of sellers who download After Effects presets or pre-made logo designs, or even resell mock ups from Graphic Burger. 99.9% of time if not all the time those files are licensed, and should not be resold or used commercially.

Fiverr won’t get the blame cause they got rights that will protect them. But you know what’s just as bad as your company getting sued? A massive decrease in sales because of a numerous amount of people, who warn others about Fiverr. FIVERR! Please implement quality control, or people will always have bad things to say about you.

Oh I’ve read a lot of post about commercial license extra. I think they should come up with a general commercial license for each category, and at delivery, both the buyer and seller can digitally sign it. Kinda like what 99designs does. I may not have it all worked out but just a thought. Anyway back to running my gig.