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Buyers says hi, to me but no further updates

buyers just send me message with avg response time
1 hour and i reply after 16 minute and no further updates
i receive. what is the reason behind that

not worries you have only message not a custom order.

if he/she offer me then how can i deal with
because its my first message from the buyer i received

what kind of technique the sell using to attract the customer?

i need help can anybody reply please

A person messaged you, you responded - that’s it.

Until they ask to buy something from you, or place an order, they’re not a buyer - just leave them be! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you so much for reply
he again send me message in inbox
asking about can you do this then i reply
but no response further

He could be in bed, at work, on the toilet - anything.

Just leave him alone - if he wants to get back to you, I’m sure he will! :sunny:

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thanks dear actually i am little bit nervous about it
because its my first experience

You’ll be fine - you’ve had lots of help from lots of users. We all managed to correspond with buyers etc. without help, and you can too. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the motivation buddy:smile: