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Buyers scam me, after i deliver him the complete work

the buyers contact my cash app gig and we discuss it after some days of discussion he places an order for this project and I deliver his app complete with the source code, after 2 months he contact Fiverr for cancellation which is very bad attitude

Fiverr should find a solution to this because a lot of buyers are engaged in this altitude after seller deliver them there they will give the seller 5 stars and drop good review after like 1 week they will request for refund


it is a very sad story :cold_sweat:

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Tottaly agree with you

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It happens more than often. They’re even allowed to cancel the order after the funds are cleared, which makes zero sense to me. If they didn’t like the work, they would know it right off the bat. That system is clowning us sellers.

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Fiverr should please work on that because many sellers are facing same things, once buyer accept the delivery and drop review such buyer should not have access to cancel or request for charge back again.

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Yes! I agree with you.I submit my work 3 days before but the buyer still not accept my delivery and not reply me regularly.What I do now??

Given the time that’s passed, it sounds like it could be a chargeback via PayPal?

A few sellers in the forum have reported similar stories to yours. The buyer simply asks PayPal for their money back. From what I’ve read, when Fiverr find out about cases they do ban the buyer’s account - but that’s it. Sellers don’t get their money back.

It’s a loophole that exists and it’s the seller who loses out. A couple of months ago one seller told his story of losing around $3,000 to a chargeback. I recall one forum member was saying something like ‘these things happen, you need to move on’. But as I pointed out - how can a seller have any faith in the system if they can potentially lose a large sum of money through no fault of their own.

It’s one of the many reasons that I don’t do large orders. Unless I’m working with a long-term and trusted buyer, I won’t accept orders that take any more than half a day maximum.