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Buyers scam

Hello, I was scammed by buyer, he refuses to pay after I made my work done. Reason to refuse was the picture he get was low quality, which is not true (2592x3888 res taken on Cannon pro camera) How can i report Fiver about this guy, who is def to greedy to pay?

By the way here is link to that guy profile: [buyer profile removed]

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You don’t start working till you get an order!

What do you mean you had the order? Was is cancelled?

Reply to @solow13: i had the order, but he requested modification 3 times. He send me a sample photo to do, then after i send him my work, he sends completely different photo and ask me to do this one. Guy is scammer for sure i just warn everyone about him.

Reply to @annai80: Buyer constandly demands order modification, every time with new reason. And then he gets that he want, he start ask for cancelation. Watch out this guy.