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Buyers, Sellers and time zones!


Most of the buyers are not aware of fiverrs real time clock on the message threads and therefore end up greeting me good morning when im getting ready to sleep just because its morning for them. :smiley:

Its funny and kind of confusing for both parties. Im sure most of you have gone through this and i want to suggest fiverr that the time zone and time information should be more focused or visible ( like in fiverr green or maybe with some emojis like a widget?)


I’d like something more visible too.

Maybe move your topic to the Site Suggestions category, it’s easier for staff to not miss it there rather than in this category. :slight_smile:


Yes, they could do it, but what if you simply get over it:) Why do you expect the other party to greet you in your time zone? Why is it so bad to read good morning when it’s actually midnight for you? :slight_smile:


haha. well its not bad at all ! and neither do i mind. but i thought it would be awesome if a buyer or a seller sees each others time zone and greet accordingly! that would be fun too.


I guess this is a nice to have feature, which will get implemented “tomorrow”
They have more burning issues on their hand, like why experienced users feel sudden drops in sales volume, or they are busy working out a ppc model to skim more from sellers :slight_smile:


I had some customers asking me at 2 am in the morning if I could work on their order and deliver within the next 2 hours just because it was afternoon for them. And then they get super impatient and angry if I don’t reply in time. So I think it would actually be helpful if the time was more visible. Or if there was some automated notification popping up after sending a message like “Hey, keep in mind, it’s 2 am for the seller now”.


exactly one of the main points.



These small features will help both ends to properly manage time frames while working on any kind of project. I do graphics and animation and there is this repeat buyer since 2013 who still messages me in and asks if i can do a quick animation job at 3am my time. of course i get to see these in the morning! lol :stuck_out_tongue:



those are system issues. most sellers have them. but i was describing a FEATURE that popped into my mind with some recent experience. it wont be implemented " tomorrow" just because it was suggested by me. :wink:

And yes, i figured out that fits in " fiverr site suggestions" category as well. and your " sales volume drop" can be in the " system bugs" category. or simply, its just your profile and work thats getting a sales drop.

nothing personal,


BTW, is it just me, or the order pages have bad timestamps on messages and such? The inbox timestamps are showing my local time, but the order page timestamps are in a totally different time zone than mine :grimacing:


im not sure about that. but in message threads, we do see our buyers/sellers current time and date. but in the iOS app, that shows buyer/sellers real time zone and night/day modes.


I´ve been seeing weird time stamps as well recently. Even two messages by me in one row, both in the inbox - the last one showed the correct time, 8pm or something, the one just above, sent a few minutes prior, had 4pm or so.
Also messages of people I’m very sure aren’t in the same time zone, showed my time instead of theirs.


I would rather ask for office hours feature. I sometimes work 2am so it should not be buyer’s concern when I work. They just need to know when I’m available. If I set my office hours 7pm - 4am then so be it. Buyer should just see in their local time when I’m available and that’s it.