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I was selling my gig then this buyer came along, asking for samples over and over again.

I sent him my offer and time and time again he declined the offer, asking for more samples.

Should I ignore him?

Ignoring a Buyer is usually not that good of idea.

You can clearly explain to the Buyer that you’ve already shared the samples and that he / she can place an Order if they like it or find another Seller if they don’t.

I believe that would be the most professional course of action.

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Customers buy your service in some conditions “sole or gathered” like :

  • You’re the only seller offering the desired service.
  • You’re one of many others, but you’ve been recommended by one of your repeated customers to a new customer.
  • You show and display good & attracting samples to every probable customer in your gallery.
  • You show nothing for a reason but you are so convincing to make a buyer decide to use your service.

Whatever a sellers kind you are, every seller should be a good listener, understanding, honest, and flexible.

Best wishes!

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