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When are we going to be equal?

I have had, besides problems with bad reviews over the time by buyers, never contacted Fiverr for anything. However, I have had some really bad cancellations that just make you hit the wall so bad.

  1. In my beginnings as a seller here, I got a book cover done which the seller did not like, cancelled. After a while, I found that cover with a small change in the title and reported it to Fiverr but no action, whatsoever. Let this one slide! :face_with_head_bandage:

  2. I got a wrap finished, client liked it, order was completed. After a few months he cancels the order through PayPal (apparently you can) and contacted Fiverr to talk about the situation. They said that they can’t do anything about it because it was refunded from Paypal. So, if I go on a buying spree to sellers gigs, and get all their work, source files, everything and just go to Paypal to cancel them all, I’m getting free work! FIRST WARNING :face_with_head_bandage:

  3. I do Createspace print ready books, client ordered one but wasn’t responsive to my messages about the spine and back stuff I need. So, I just sent the front cover so that we can see if that’s the direction we’re going for. The order was marked complete by Fiverr automatically, then the client messages after 2-3 days, saying that he wants the final files delivered. I couldn’t respond for 2 hours and he got the ordered cancelled. SECOND WARNING = DEMOTED to level 1. Fiverr CS told me that I offered incomplete work. :face_with_head_bandage:

  4. I offer a free gift for the book cover gig, I completed everything with the buyer and even offered free revisions on the messaging inbox, she was happy. Although I missed the 3D image, she cancelled the order a week later and she’s not responding to anything now. So, instead wasting time with the Fiverr CS, I went ahead and wrote this RANT for my experience on this matter.

“Moral of the Story” - Fiverr doesn’t remove reviews that have totally nothing to do with the order that was done, but cancels orders because you didn’t give something for free.

Double standards, even though we pay the same fee to Fiverr. That’s how you keep a community growing Fiverr, well done!


Hi, I understand you have had a run of bad luck on Fiverr, but remember, without buyers none of us would make any money. There are many freelance platforms where you will find a number of sellers, but no buyers. They are like ghost towns. What makes Fiverr so popular with sellers is that it is one of the few freelancing platforms that get a lot of genuine buyers. If not for them, I wouldn’t be here, you wouldn’t be here, we would only be ranting on the forum about not getting any orders and about how useless Fiverr is. Yes, buyers > sellers and it is with good reason, otherwise sellers won’t make any money. As simple as that.


Hello, number 1, 3 and 4 are all your own fault.

You do not have to agree to cancel an order as you did in number 1. The others were ones you did not complete as your gig described.

Fiverr cancelled your orders and demoted your level because you did not deliver what your gig offered. No need to rant if you just conduct your business properly.

If you offer something in your gig you need to deliver that.


Yes, we all know that. And if sellers won’t make any money, the buyers won’t get any service.

How are any of those, my faults? My fault that a seller did not like the cover and instead of getting a bad review I cancelled? My fault that I couldn’t be online at 4 am? My fault that because of the free 3D gift, an order gets cancelled?

I’m not sure why you don’t think those are your fault. They all are your own fault.

I really shouldn’t even have to explain that to you.

You don’t have to cancel if you don’t want to just because a buyer doesn’t like it.

I am online at 4 A.M.

If you offer something you have to deliver it even if you call it free.

In one you sent an incomplete delivery. You are not allowed to do that.

Enlighten me, please.

Fiverr was correct to demote your level. You are not conducting business properly and you are making a lot of excuses.

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You are not understanding. I am not ranting about the demotion. I’m ranting about cancellations.

Cancellation, and reported a stolen design. Nothing happened.

You are, some sellers aren’t. That doesn’t mean that the buyer, who didn’t respond 4-5 days, to come back and cancel for 2-3 hours of not replying.


You did not deliver a complete order so since you did not, he has the right to cancel the order.

This seems obvious, that when you offer to deliver something and get paid for that, then if you have not delivered it, they get a refund.

You should have delivered it as part of the total delivery but you got your money since the order was completed and then forgot about it and are now upset that you were asleep when you got a message about it.

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You have over 1100 reviews, sooner or later you’ll run into scammers. How is Fiverr supposed to defend your copyright, force the buyer to pay for it months later? If they used your book cover on Amazon then you can file a copyright claim with them, but it will be less time consuming to let it go. If they used it on their own site then you’re out of luck.

Regarding cancellations, why are you letting clients bully you like that? If they request a cancellation and you’ve completed the work according to the requirements then refuse and let them justify their reason to Fiverr. If you get a bad review, so what. You have more than enough positive reviews.

If a client is not providing you all the info then why didn’t you use a resolution center? Why did you deliver half the work? There’s a specific option for cases where a client is not responsive or doesn’t provide all the details to deliver the work. You don’t have to be online 4 am. Fiverr has options to extend delivery time and even if client requests cancellation you don’t have to automatically agree to it. Do you think Fiverr would support the cancellation because you were not online 4 am? They support the cancellation because you didn’t deliver what you promised and you didn’t use the right option for it. There’s a proper process for it, I’ve used it myself and it works just fine.

If you missed the 3D gift that you promised then you didn’t deliver what you promised. It doesn’t matter if it’s free or not.

I feel your pain regarding PayPal chargeback, but the rest is on you I’m afraid.

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