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Buyers sending links to third party sites can be potential virus

Beware on what links you click. These people don’t even leave the Freelancing platform.

I just received a message from a buyer to check the link to download his existing logo. He sugarcoated the request, when I downloaded it, the file was a virus.

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Please beware when you download files from the internet. :stuck_out_tongue:

It doesn’t matter which country you are from. NEVER download suspicious files.

Additionally, there are several programs that can help with this.

I always ignore any shortened url.

Based on several past experiences, frankly speaking it does :frowning:
I really never wanted to bring the country factor in, but, it is becoming so common these days.

it wasn’t an shortened URL.

Wait, I’ll quote what he wrote in his request.

" Hello. We, the coaches of the youth team that was established recently, have become temporary team logo. Now we and the kids want to upgrade it. We had suggestions that they would like to change the old logo, you should take into account. In General, we have all the wishes collected in one format and crest. Desires in the file and the old team logo =the link= "

This was his request. The budget mentioned was $600.

Let me share one of my recent experience.
A buyer sent me a message with his app attached and asked me to see that to get some idea for it’s icon design. My answer was… “I don’t need to check your software for designing icon. Send me some image of your software or stop.” and I reported this guy.

If you find the attachment is a software instead of image, ignore it. It might be a hacking soft.

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