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Buyers should also have ratings on their pages

When the buyers rate the sellers all the ratings are visible in their gig page. But when sellers rate buyers none of it is visible on buyer’s profile page. I think it would be prudent if seller’s ratings be made available in buyer’s page.

This will help the sellers a lot as to see how many times has the buyer cancelled the order and whether the buyer if fake or genuine.

I got this idea because recently i met a buyer who cancels the order after getting the delivery and is still keeping the bad review in my gig. Basically he got his work for free. I could not do anything and he is still keeping the bad review on my profile.

Yes you are right !!!

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Yes agree. Also just one thing @raphire, if the gig was cancelled, the feedback should also be removed. Did the buyer actually get a refund or not?

Hey, I 100% agree that buyer should be rated as well. At present the sellers are the one who watch out their reputation, while it doesn’t affect the buyer so much. This is not quite fair, since buying-selling is a bilateral process. It’s not like buyers are offering dollars for nothing. They receive products and content, good quality content, I assume.

Also I’ve read through forum how a lot of sellers after couple of negative experience, would be extra cautious and prudent with their future customers. I am sure there are also people who would drop fiverr, after this kind of experience.

It would be a nice idea if seller had some “history” on the buyer based on the reviews.

Completely agree. Anyhow, I am much frustrated because of slow and more slow and most slow process of implementing a feature. Very much disappointed.

I agree 100%!
It’s good to have a history of who you’re doing business with so you can gain insight into their quirks. Some of these buyers are so poor at dealing with sellers or even people on a whole and then blame you for things that may go wrong.

Yes that is the major problem people are doing this and our hard work is wasted

Sometimes, I come across some stupid buyers who insist me to manage their server in $5 instead of $50. They are a total time waste and at the end, I receive threats from them of having negative review.

It will be a great idea no doubt. Requested many times but no response from fiverr management.