Buyers should be a little more specific with their requests


I rarely send offers through Buyer Requests. Mostly because most requests I see on my feed are irrelevant to what I actually do.
I decided to take one and God I lost my patience…
This is how it ended :stuck_out_tongue: Even though I kept asking “how long is each file” I never got an answer until I had to download the first one.

What’s up with the “India or Pakistan” thing? Can’t they see that my location says US… even though I’m in Spain right now, just traveling :smiley: :airplane:

Also, whoever is going to go through +30hrs of audio, do all the editing and deliver more than 100 files for $20 must be a terrible business person…

That concludes my rant :slight_smile:


Why people believe that in India or Pakistan sellers have low prices for their services?
They may charge the same as in US, EU or UK, because their quality mostly is the same…
If he just wants to have it cheap… the quality will be low, no matter if he buys it from Bangladesh, Germany or Australia…


This price he requested may not pay internet connection and energy for such work. In the end you could be paying to work to him.

I already passed for something like this.

People also dont understand what mean FREELANCER. I think some read freeSERVICER hahahaha

I prefer not working for someone like this.


Exactly my thoughts. There’s just as much variety of quality in any of those countries and it is also very rude to say something like that. Why would it matter if I’m from India or Pakistan?


That’s very true. I can’t work for Free :stuck_out_tongue:


I think he just wanted to put you “low” in his particular way… because he believes he can get great cheap work from those countries.
People who are good, have higher prices… because if you want quality, you need to pay for it.
Being from a particular place in the world doesn’t mean you’re cheap… he will learn it in the hard way.
Good for you not to work with such “client”