Buyer's should be able to 'ban' terrible sellers


This user ‘asadiqbal1988’ was meant to rewtite my content and instead changed literally 5 words and I paid him $10. He has now given me grief not agreeing to cancel and laughing saying he wont ever provide me refund.

Fiverr customer support also after 3 messages saying they wont provide the refund. This is disgusting I can’t believe this crap customer service after I’ve bought over 190 gigs.


Seller should be able to ban terrible buyers!

Remember, there are both bad buyers and sellers on this site.

You may not realise this but buyers have more control than sellers here. Sellers are actually punished for mistakes buyers make. For example if a buyer accidentally placed an order the seller is punished for cancelling it.

Why did customer support say they would not refund?


Don’t forget to leave the seller negative.

If you still need the work done then feel free to order my gig.


What’s the point in blocking a seller? Just don’t buy from them again. You have thousands of choices, so I don’t see the problem.