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Buyers Should Be Forced to Leave Feedback or Forfeit Right to Do So Before Ordering New Gigs!

I believe Buyers should be forced to leave feedback for previous orders or check a box which prevents them from leaving feedback for those orders in the future. I get tired of buyers trying to use potential feedback for previous orders as leverage toward future orders. I am fine with them not leaving feedback if they choose not to do so, but they shouldn’t be able to “hold off” on giving feedback for finished gigs until their demands are met on current gigs. That is all. :slight_smile:

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I hoped that was kind of what I said above. Not that they’d be blocked from all feedback, but that having the option to hold feedback hostage for one particular seller in individualized circumstances doesn’t make sense.

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I agree. I have a buyer who routinely does that. Luckily, mine usually leaves a message on the order page after I’ve delivered, saying that she’s pleased with the work, so I just screen shot it in case she decides to leave crappy feedback on unrelated orders if I won’t meet her demands. There should at least be a reasonable time limit on leaving feedback…or our feedback on buyers should be just as visible as their feedback on us…

What if the buyer is dissatisfied with your service? They may think that they are doing you a favor by just completing the order without saying something damaging about you. If you force their hand, you may force them to give you negative feedback.

@newspoet and @emasonwrites - Really guys? Forcing someone to leave feedback? Are you forced to leave a tip when you go to a Restaraunt? How about when you buy groceries? Do you have to tip?

You can’t really force someone to leave their opinion.

However, there are actual reasons why people don’t like to leave feedback.

  • Maybe English isn’t their first language and they don’t want to write anything.

  • Maybe they ordered a SEO/SOCIAL related gig? Generally, people don’t like to leave feedback if they buy Likes. They don’t want other people to know they purchased Likes, Tweets, YouTube views etc. Kind of defeats the purpose of buying Likes if everyone knows you purchased them.

    But sometimes they would rather not comment at all then post a negative review. I don’t. I’ve ordered gigs and didn’t leave feedback because I was unhappy with the service… As @pearlsant said.

    Be careful what you wish for. If everyone did leave a review every time they probably wouldn’t always be good ones.

Ahh. I see. I misread the original post. My apologies.

Actually… I do agree with the after actually reading it instead of just skimming.

But I agree more because if the buyer does this it’s not really a feedback issue. It’s just plain wrong.

My advice would be to contact support in these cases. They can read your messages so they should be informed and let them deal with the blackmail.

Reply to @bigbadbilly: I don’t think we’re talking about forcing every single person to leave feedback…we’re talking about specific instances where repeat buyers will hold feedback hostage if you don’t complete their demands. Literally, buyers will write, “I need this in four days or I’ll leave negative feedback on the last order,” and stuff like that.

I don’t mind when someone doesn’t leave feedback. I DO mind when someone doesn’t leave feedback and then tries to use it as leverage to get extra work for free and customer service’s answer is, “Just work it out with the buyer.”

What is being said is this:

Buyers who would otherwise leave negative feedback are making you guys mad because they are forcing you to do things you do not wish to do by using this ( most likely, false) promise of a positive review (if you do their bidding) as emotional leverage against you.

They are dangling the proverbial carrot in front of you…

These buyers are different from the unresponsive and dissatisfied ones who have not left a positive review and have no intention of doing so.

Do I have the conversation straight?

I think the the first type of buyer is worse.

It sounds sorta like:

"I will marry you but, you need to have that abortion first."

I would not put myself in a position to be emotionally blackmailed by a buyer.

I would forget the promise of a positive review and look at them as being 100% negative—they WILL leave a negative review and there is no cajoling on my part-- in the world-- that will make them leave a positive. Once I realize what I am dealing with, I would move toward a mutual cancellation.

I refuse to be blackmailed. That is just how I roll.


The word “force” has ugly connotations for me. I believe slavery was abolished long ago (in most parts of the world). I prefer to do business with people who can freely trade and express their druthers without stupid reprisals from merchants. If I were benighted enough to buy some Face Book likes from some shyster and I was not happy with the outcome, I would not want to have to leave them a positive review or forfeit my right to leave reviews for anything on fiverr. I have been a buyer and a seller on fiverr and I don’t believe that forcing someone to leave feedback that suits the seller is a fair or a balanced approach.

Reply to @pearlsant: I think you’re right–cancelling is definitely the best option in that situation, but some people are relentless! There are people who continually claim that they don’t like the work I did for them, yet they keep ordering! I have four cancellations just from one guy who I guess wasn’t reading the messages I was sending him along with the cancellation request?

I was under the impression that it would be on a more individualized basis, not that they would be blocked from ordering on the whole of the website, just that if someone tries to use that kind of leverage, an individual seller could block an individual buyer from ordering their gig again.

emasonwrites said: There are people who continually claim that they don't like the work I did for them, yet they keep ordering! I have four cancellations just from one guy who I guess wasn't reading the messages I was sending him along with the cancellation request?

Very strange people... But, my life philosophy is (usually) not to make other people's problems my own. You have to ask yourself what sort of treatment you are willing to tolerate for the $$$$ and when do you draw the line on the nut jobs. I have a very low aggravation threshold for morons and I would probably be kicking these malcontents to the curb, left and right---let the chips fall where they may.

@emasonwrites I wasn’t suggesting forbidding anyone from ever leaving feedback on fiverr again; I was suggesting that completed gigs for that buyer from that seller should be locked once the buyer orders another gig from the same seller. If they didn’t like the service, why would they be ordering again from that seller? They don’t even have to comment on the previous gig, but they shouldn’t be able to leave negative feedback weeks later (or threaten to) because they were upset over something unrelated to the previous gig. I think this would be pretty fair and straightforward. It would also stop a lot of buyer shenanigans that I read about on these forums.

Reply to @bigbadbilly: Some restaurants in the UK do actually force you to leave a tip. They label it as a ‘service charge’ (usually 10-15%) and automatically include it on your bill. It happened to me recently after extremely poor service, and I categorically refused to pay it. However, I digress. :slight_smile:

In this instance, I agree with the original poster. I do also believe that the right to review should be forfeited after a month. I recently received a negative review 3 months after the initial order, but luckily, customer support was on my side.

A statute of limitations does need to exist for gig complaints.

@emasonwrites Yeah, it probably was what you were saying. I’m not sure now who or what I was responding to… :slight_smile:

Reply to @newspoet:

newspoet said: who or what I was responding to...

If you were talking to me, at all, I can definitely be safely categorized as a 'who'. How are you surmising that you are addressing any 'what's? And you always end your snarky comments with that stupid smiley face.

@pearlsant Wow, I wasn’t trying to be snarky or offensive, nor was I aware I had a reputation for making snarky comments. I was just stating that I was tired and probably shouldn’t be posting on forums in such a state. As for the “what,” I was meaning as in “what comment” or “what reply,” not a person. What did my smiley face do to you? It happens to be quite intelligent. :slight_smile:

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