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Buyers should follow this practice for best solution

Buyers should tell the sellers about their budget, so seller will think about it and let you know if it suits him/her. If buyer ask the seller for the cost then seller is confused, he/she never wants to let you/buyer go, seller can complete your job even in less amount if you/buyer discuss about your budget and timeline.

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Good point. Telling your budget saves the time for buyer and seller both.

You can also have a look at your budget and then look for a seller who suits your needs the best.
By saying that a seller don’t want to let a buyer go, you assume that all sellers are desperate for sales. This is surely not the case. I send a lot of buyers to cheaper sellers. Especially if the price is their #1 concern.
You don’t go to a car dealer for a shiny car in the showroom and ask him to lower the price so that it matches your budget.

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I second this, Mario. It’s better to make a statement demonstrating value than it is to lower your prices. I’ve also redirected some buyers by reminding them that there are several other sellers on this platform whom they might consult with.

Very well answered mario :slight_smile: