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Buyers Should give a chance to new sellers [ARCHIVED]

It is important to give a chance to new sellers because every new mind has something special. But most of buyers needs some reviews for guarantee. It is important to think about your work but doesn’t meant that there is no place for a new born.

Try to be humble with new sellers.
What you can get from new sellers.

Less charges for your work
Fast delivery and you can taste new people in the field.
your instructions become the goal for your developers.
They are less experienced but doesn’t meant they can’t work for you .

yes . you are right

Agreed. But, buyers prefer to go to so called experienced sellers only to find that they are not so experienced. A Top Rated Seller does not equal experience. There are some good sellers out there but they are hard to find.

New motivated sellers are the key to the growth on Fiverr, but I don’t think Fiverr agrees with that strategy.

A Top Rated Seller DOES equal experience. You have to EARN the TRS badge through superior service. When you’re elevated to TRS, Fiverr is putting their reputation on the line, they don’t do that for anyone.

You sound like a junior copywriter complaining about making photocopies, driving the boss to the airport, and getting the most boring projects.

You have to prove yourself to get orders, as a new seller, you are a risk, so you have to entice buyers through a great offer. You’ll have to do more for less, specially if you have no reviews.

I earned a TRS in year one. I’ve been with fiverr for more than 5 years. Last year they took away my TRS for making one comment on the forum that had nothing to do with selling. Sometimes you can’t tell the truth on the forum. Now I’m rather careful with words because you don’t have the freedom to say what you want here.

Aside from that yes, buyers should look at the overall picture not just a TRS. Buyer should ask sellers to prove their history and experience to avoid issues.

Proudly, my team and I have been in business 28 years. So, we must be doing something right and still going strong, of course, not just fiverr.

To be clear for all sellers: I have never seen any user have a TRS badge removed over a forum comment. I have seen users be banned from Fiverr over a forum comment IF the comment was a violated of not just the forum rules, but the Fiverr Terms of Service. If anyone in this thread had a badge removed, it was for violating the Terms of Service. While they may have chosen to also openly discuss the violation on the forum and encourage others to violate the ToS as well, the actual ToS violation would have been the issue.

As far as freedom to say what you want here, if you say something that violates the forum rules or the ToS, most users are aware that your post is subject to edits or removal in those cases. Disagreement with Fiverr alone is all over the forum, so it clearly is not an issue to simply state your opinion with the limits of the rules.

Am just working hard to take my level one badge, just got 8 reviews already and i strongly believe to be a TRS one day. it’s not easy to get a sale but i won’t give up. to all my new friends please the journey of glory isn’t easy, try as much as possible not to give up.

@Admin note: The are no “staff” members on the forum. That is misleading. The forum has volunteers that are non staff members.

I’m not frightening anyone. I simply speak with my experience and what happened. What’s wrong with that?

Staff members are obviously in regular contact with the entire forum team. Repeatedly stating inaccurate information on the forum can be frightening to new readers. Forum moderators are volunteers, as you stated, and cannot remove a person’s level, so this is inaccurate. Staff does review seller activity in general and that sometimes includes forum posts. All activity is taken into the review process when staff makes decision, but forum moderators are not involved in the decision-making processing regarding Fiverr seller accounts.

@fonthaunt I know what was said and at that time when the TRS was lost there was no intention to break rules. It was only a comment and there was no encouragement for others to go against fiverr. I simply share my experience. It was nothing related to selling or buying or my reputation on fiverr.

When you have so many disagreements or negative comments from buyers and sellers, there is obviously a problem that needs to be addressed.

My intentions are good and always have been. But, of course others may think their own way and that’s the whole purpose of a forum.

You Are Right.

As I have said numerous times before, let buyers decide themselves. We all start on Fiverr from nothing, and we all have a chance to build ourselves up. This doesn’t happen overnight like it might (not, probably) have happened back in 2010. It happens over months and years, and you have to consistently maintain a high quality of everything from work to customer service in between a) awful buyers b) bad life situations c) emergencies d) whatever else happens when the universe doesn’t like you very much.

Plenty of buyers give newbies a chance. These posts do not help you on your journey. Working on self-promotion and accepting it’s going to be a climb will. The difference is, that generally someone who has worked to build up a 99% (or whatever) TRS/lvl 2 portfolio of success has a lot more to lose than someone new. We all know exactly what it’s like to be new and have awful sales and those days when you wonder whether it’s worth it.

So yes, buyers should give a chance to new sellers, but here’s the thing: they do. You are moaning not because of some dearth of evil buyers who only buy from proven experts. You are complaining about your own lack of demand.

In turn, this lowers your desirability. Despite the disguise of “fighting for the newbies”, you really only want to improve your own sales–by simply posting that people should do something. Wouldn’t it be a better use of your time to pull your finger out and work a bit harder to get those first buyers and please them?

Of course it would. But no… you want it all on a plate. The real great minds out there go and take what’s theirs. They don’t sit around grumbling about chance. They make it.

As for @edume: if what you said was true, I would have lost my TRS a long time ago! I’m inclined to believe that you’re making up things to suit your own version of events, as per usual. As for the experience stuff, I can’t comment. A lot of this stuff is subjective, particularly when it comes to writing/art/design (I am excluding the clearly untalented). buyers seeking true professionals are more likely to go to agencies if that’s what they’re after though. Fiverr caters more for small businesses and outsourcers imo. I know that the most “expensive” person in my main category just go zinged by a buyer for unreasonable expectations lol…

@emmaki There are a certain number of individuals that don’t want me to post anything probably because they fear what I will say. What I said above it true, I don’t make anything up. I’m not some young guy who thinks their a big shot. I earned my way with hard work. I’ve tried to help as many as I can on fiverr, it’s not my main business. Fiverr has changed a lot in fiverr years. I can’t say much more than that otherwise my comment will be edited. Yes, some of your posts would have got you banned but nothing happened.

Perhaps interpretation would have been a better word, then. I’ve had plenty of warnings and orange boxes, but all that really tells me is that I’m being a bit too much and overstepping the boundaries and that I should dial it back a bit, rather than compare my treatment with others.

Fiverr is, for now my main business: it wasn’t when I started, and it may not be in a few years. I think you should share your experience. The act of mentioning that you can’t speak because you will be silenced is ultimately self-censorship.

I’ve read that the CEO of Fiverr could be a psychopath, for example. It could be true: there are studies and books written about how a surprising percentage of CEOs have psychopathic tendencies. Do I believe this? Not really. I don’t know the guy, I’ve never worked under him, but if you read Glassdoor reviews, some toes have been stepped on. More interesting than this vile slur, of course, is the fact that TrustPilot has a Fiverr rating of 2 stars (it’s a bit higher than that, or was last time I looked), and all those reviews are from people who clearly didn’t read the TOS or have a major issue with something that is nothing to do with Fiverr at all. Notably, unlike UpWork, Fiverr doesn’t manipulate reviews there (yet).

Say what you think, or cry Wolf. I don’t mind if this is edited out, but the fact is that anyone can read this and verify that I’m just reporting on what other people say: now, as members of this community, isn’t it more valuable to discuss how we can improve this impression of Fiverr? 2 years ago, a video interview with the CEO was promised–delayed until this day. As was the pro video, I believe, though I have a hazy memory of that being promised so maybe I never saw it.

This isn’t a dictatorship. We have free speech.

We all were new at some point and your post shows that you are desperate. Nobody wants to work with somebody who is desperate.
Another thing: have a closer look at your gigs and profile (start with the pic) and if you have the capability of thinking like an engineer you will know why you will not receive any orders.

And by the way, I send 80% of buyers to other sellers and newbies with the result that they usually come back to me an hour later.
So there has to be something some sellers don’t do well. If you want a chance you have to come up with a reason.

In my opinion some of new-seller doing better .because they have limited orders .

@emmaki I can’t say much on this thread I have already been warned.

I just went to a new seller an he flat out told me no. Very simple job according to the qualifications he posted he could do it. but said no thanks…

When I was “only” a buyer (rather than a buyer and new seller), I rarely looked at the total number of reviews or the years active as seller. I tended to trust the description and booked the gig if it seemed like the right seller for my purposes. Most of the time this worked without any problems. Though to be honest, no reviews at all is a big turn off. In such cases I only booked if the gig was unique.