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Buyers should have somewhere to suggest specific new gig types


Buyers should have somewhere to suggest specific gig types, types that are not yet supplied via Fiverr. Like a “suggestions box”, but specific to each buyer, and that sellers can then search for across the site.

For instance, I would like someone who can take a page of comic-book script, and turn it into a dynamic and communicative professional page layout. Just the layout, not the finished drawing. I would just want them to indicate the frames, each roughly showing the character positions and camera angles, while respecting the pacing and the need to leave space for speech balloons, FX and narrative boxes. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about…


I should also point out that this is not the same as asking for a free quote for immediate work on a gig. It would be more generous to sellers that than, more about buyers suggesting to all sellers that there are new niches they might not have considered. It would be in a buyers’ self-interest to do this. For instance, I might not need my comics pages done until after Christmas, but I might like it if by January there were three choices in that category of gig, and those offering it had some experience under their belt.


Sellers may not be willing to give up one of their limited number of gigs for something which may not have much demand.

It seems like ‘Buyers Requests’ might work well for what you’re looking for? :sunny:


I see. I didn’t realise that sellers only had “a limited number of gigs”. I had just assumed that they have about maybe… eight or ten, and probably only used six? Just my guess. Thus would have a couple ‘spare’ which they could to use to try out new types of gigs.

How many gig slots does a new seller have, then?


New sellers can have 7
Level 1 10
Level 2 20
TRS 30


I agree it would be good to have something like this so we can see what sort of demand there is for these services. The buyer request section is limited to people who already have gigs in the categories selected in the request so people can’t just view those requests if they don’t already have a gig there. Buyer requests also get paused/removed, whereas it might help if we could see how many people wanted this new type of gig (high demand=more likely the new gig might be created).