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Buyers should show respects to the sellers

I have been absent in fiverr since the last 2 years. Many orders came during that time and cancelled as I was absent. Some of the buyers gave me bad reviews as they didn’t get their work on time. It is not their fault.

Now, after 2 years I had again started everything from scratch and sat almost 2 months for a order.

Today I got one order and I was happy cz I badly needs review and ranking. The buyer has started explaining in a very disrespectful manner. I was silent and patiently finished his work as I need reviews in any way.
Just before submitting the project I had explained what I did and what not for the betterment. And also I said I have eid festival so if he need any revision he needs to knock me within tomorrow. But I didn’t understand this man. He talked in such a bossy and rude way that burst me out and I cancelled this order.

I don’t know what I did is right or wrong. May be it was a wrong decision becz atleast I got a order after years that I was waiting for long. But don’t they think the sellers are human also. It is their business too.

Feeling shattered becz I kept all my strength together to start everything again now again it goes down.


Probably, you made the right desicion, because people like you decribed will never add a good review, and you don’t need a bad one.

Not all buyers are bad - I would say it’s 1% bad buyers and 99% good buyers, but 1 unadequate buyer can damage your rates and your day.


Yes ! you are entirey right. :grinning:

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Agreed. Sturgeon’s Law very much applies to Fiverr, especially with the low barrier to entry.


Hello! This is a very sad story. :pensive:
I think you did the right thing by canceling the order.
I would do the same.

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Thank you so much guys. I was feeling heavy. Your words consoles me.
And It was also my concern too that even if I give his work he won’t give me good review. But now I need to struggling with order cancellation penalty.

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Haha, I keep calm as well but if the buyer is actually trying to be annoying I get sarcastic :smiley: I do not disrespect, but sarcastic for sure. I definitely do not like rude tones.

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Sometimes it can be really difficult to fight the sudden impulse to just melt the buyer and tell them how much they suck. But I’ve done a good job of controlling it so far.